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  • Visualizing Concurrency: VS 2010 Beta 2 - Parallel Performance Profiling Advancements

    Hi apegushi,


    • "Thread transitions" are depicted via the Thread Ready Connector.  This is only shown when an unblocking event occured on another thread in same process, which is why it isn't always visible.
    • For PPL support, the Concurrency Visualizer does not depict nesting, nor does it depict which threads were involved in a parallel for loop.  However, markers will be shown for all parallel loop iterations.
    • Regarding the check boxes in the performance wizard, the reason the lower check box isn't on by default is because there is another profiling tool related to concurrency.  In addition to the Concurrency Visualizer data, the Visual Studio profiler presents contention data, which can be viewed after checking the first box.

    Thanks for your feedback; we always appreciate it!