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  • 8 traits of great Metro style apps

    I think metrotizing everything from Microsoft Security Essentials (the new Beta version), and Windows 8, down to Microsoft's own website is very stupid. I think seeing the same all white icons (charms or whatever the 1134 they're called) all the time, no matter how cool the font is, is going to bleed peoples eyes out with plain, ugly,white-on-green, boredom. Even the Weather app is unimpressive because I'm using a 1080p monitor (ASUS VH242H 23.6" to be exact) and the moving clouds (and water in another image) are very blurry. I may just be gifted with very good eye sight, but If so the developers at Microsoft need to eat some more carrots because they're definitely not getting enough vitamin A or Beta Carotene. To top it all off this new Metro crap replaces the extremely useful Start Menu (used to access most programs on a PC) with the plain, green start screen. and replaces the near perfect, start button orb (found in Windows 7), with a dark-gray flat P.O.S. Microsoft definitely needs to get their act together because this Metro crap (as is) is not going to cut it, and is going to only serve to boost Mac sales in the future.