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  • Scoble: Exit Stage Left

    you look so sad robert!  its been great to see your work over the past 2 years.  thank you for bringing me inside info on what its like to work for ms - i've set my employer standards higher because of it.  c9 has given me faith that even though my current job sucks there is someplace i can code and be happy.  thanks again, best wishes on your future endeavors.
  • Robert Scoble - Walk to Ballmer's office

    Scoble Scoble Scoble Scoble!!  Man I wish I worked at MS!
  • Kim Cameron - Identity Laws

    Hey Robert - Could you interview someone at MS working on code to make this stuff happen?

    Thanks for the tip on the phone!  Is that the fourth time you've had it on camera?
  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    I was actually looking forward to the calendar publishing most!  We have alot of optional meetings where I work and it would make picking and choosing easier.  More interesting to me would be if concerts & events in the area were published - then I wouldn't have to check the local college paper for stuff to do (which I never do and I miss tons of good shows).
  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip One

    Jon - I couldn't disagree more!!!  I use the MS Bluetooth keyboard and love it.  I've looked for this specific key action (reminds me of older Mac keyboards) for 8 years and finally found what I wanted.  Maybe keyboard choice is too personal to make a blanked comment about it Wink
  • Chris Anderson - Talking shop about Avalon

    I wonder how hard it was to port Avalon to XP.  Talk about a huge change in requirements!
  • Neal Christiansen - Inside File System Filter, part I

    One big vote for Deep Windows here, as well as the roundtable.  There are things that I don't know to ask but affect me every day - let's hear it!  Keep it up and thanks for the C9 Guy Wink

    PS - Will we ever see Bill here?
  • Bert Keely - SmartPhone and Tablet PC together

    What kind of phone do you have Robert?
  • Jeffrey Snover - Monad explained

    Excellent work!  One question:

    I struggled for a long time trying to figure out what was required to make SQL Server integrated security work between two computers.  Was it a Windows login issue, a SQL issue or some sort of Windows privileges issue.  Even after getting things to work I still don't know what "events" go on when one machine connects to another.

    Can Monad help me see those sort of links in the chain?
  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    AT wrote:
    I believe that there is no needs for Microsoft to anounce their plans up to 10 years ahead.

    As a developer I wholeheartedly disagree.  Microsoft's new, open attitude is a great thing for me and helps me to do my job more effectively.  Ok, maybe I can't plan 10 years down the road but I can certainly plan 3-5 years.  Discussing features that will or won't make it to the final release, and keeping us updated, is really important to developers.  Keep up the good work guys!
  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    I don't think the folks from WinFS will be working on the backports of Avalon and Indigo.  WinFS was very slow to make progress between the PDC and WinHEC builds of Longhorn, and I'd imagine those guys need all the time they can get just to have WinFS ready a short time after Longhorn is available.
  • Jim Allchin - The Longhorn Update

    That's the first I've heard about WinFS shipping later than Longhorn.  Sad news, to be sure.