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  • Scott Swanson - MSN Messenger APIs

    yyy wrote:

    You probably downloaded the MSN Messenger Activity SDK but there's also the Windows Messenger SDK which allows to do more with MSN Messenger. Too bad it's the same API which the old Windows Messenger uses - there's no way to communicate with MSN Messenger without having to install Window Messenger unless you use this Activity SDK which doesn't offer much, I guess.

    I hope that they will add more advanced API commands to the next version/s which won't require Windows Messenger installed too.

    Yeah, i did. The MSN Messenger Activity SDK was what i downloaded. Like a lot of people i uninstalled Windows Messenger and only use MSN. I see no point in using the windows messenger api, kinda useless to publish since so few use it. Except maybe companies internally, since you can setup your own windows messenger server (or so i have been told) and thereby not rely on MSN servers
  • Scott Swanson - MSN Messenger APIs

    I went to their website and downloaded the so-called SKD that they have put out.

    I was not impressed. It was a zip file with a help file, a example html page and that was it... No stuff to tie into Visual Studio. I know but  after the DirectX9 SDK im kinda spoiled.

    The help file dont tell me anything either, in the video he said 7 methods and some 17 event i think, about all find in the helpfile are 3 methods/events with no real explanation.

    Write a more advanced tutorial and ill gleefully try again Smiley
  • Neal Christiansen - Inside File System Filter, part I

    Great video, Just one question.

    If these Filters can now be unloaded at any time, what prevents someone from writing a virus that will unload the antivirus filter?