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  • Part 2: Getting Started with the Grid App Template

    @BobTabor :Thanks for that, i would still complete this series,as it would help me to revise my c# concepts and definitely i will learn XAML,which is a plus point,good to have some encouragement to look up to when i start some new project in 8.1.

    Its amazing that you find time to reply to almost all individual questions, really appreciate your initiative.

    Thanks again, ciao!

  • Part 2: Getting Started with the Grid App Template

    Hello Bob,
    I have just started your this series,previously i watched your HTML5 & CSS3 one, that was pretty awesome.
    Ihave studied C# recently, and i really want to get into windows 8 app dev thing.
    1.My qustion is that am i late for this tutorial? cos its for windows 8 (i have windows 8 ) and right now windows 8.1 is out ,will i be able to publish my app in the store if i program my app learning from here?

    2.I have VS2012 Ultimate on windows 8 .Do i need to upgrade to 8.1 to publish my app?