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Jason Cox Jason Cox Longtime C9 Lurker
  • Dell Touchscreen Tablet PC Launch Date?

    PocketXP wrote:
    Dell started taking orders for the Latitude XT today.

    Does anyone know if the hardware supports multi-touch apps?

    Yes, the hardware supports multi-touch.

    I'm not sure if it went on sale today, the Latitude XT website was up for most of the day however the ordering page was down and late in the day (EST) the entire Latitude XT site was removed [again].

  • Open Handset Alliance

    kettch wrote:
    Now, what is Google's only business?


    Phone: *ring ring*
    User: Hello?
    Phone: Hello, this is Google Mobile AdSense [beta], I see you're passing by a Pizza Hut, would you like to hear today's specials?
    User: No.
    Phone: Ok, you're looking for Wal-Mart. Please left on Jefferson Ave and travel-
    User: What the hell...
    Phone: Connecting to Dell Customer Service, please hold.

  • Show Off Your Browser

    I'd post mine but it's just IE7 with the dev toolbar icon added to the Command Bar.
    Tongue Out

  • Do you trust MS with your privacy?

    I can understand why some people wouldn't trust Microsoft, but personally I trust them and dont have a problem with them storing my private info. They have a good privacy policy and if they screwed up even a little they'd be getting sued left and right so they have good incentive keep my private data private and not abuse it.

    The thing is this isn't just a Microsoft issue, this issue is industry wide. Every computer game I've bought in the last six months phones home every time I start it up. When my Internet is down I have one or two games that refuse to even start because they cant connect to a validation server.

  • Everytime I see this line of config code...

    W3bbo wrote:
    Unless I'm missing something, the joke's about the verbs "GET,HEAD"?

    Otherwise I'd suggest the PublicKeyToken "8008135"

    I knew what he meant, lol. Also, your joke is backwards, remember you have to turn the calculator upside down so it'd be 5318008

  • Everytime I see this line of config code...

    Man, I know what you mean, that 31BF3856AD364E35 is the best PublicKeyToken ever!

  • Anybody played the Crysis Demo?

    I've played the demo after about 24 hours of wanting to take a baseball bat to EA's headquarters because what they shipped to pre-order customers apparenrtly they forgot to test on Vista x64... I finally got it running after I had a friend send me the exe from the non-DRM'd demo and it plays like a dream- on low settings...

    Oh well, I guess its time to upgrade to a 8800GT. Well, that means I need a new PSU and what-the-hey, might as well get a new CPU as well! High settings here I come!

  • Flight Simulator X - Beta

    GoddersUK wrote:
    EDIT: Woah - they upgraded the website 

    (microsoft.com/games/trainsim redirects to that page)
    Wow, those models are nice!

  • Stossel To ​Gore--"​Give Me A Break"

    Bas wrote:
    Dear Raymond,

    Post a link to your blog, so that we may comment on it and insert posts about whatever political topic concerns us at that moment.

  • The Woz is gettin' it oun'

    One word-