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  • Margus Veanes - Rex - Symbolic Regular Expression Exploration

    Nice, maybe this will find its way into a Microsoft fuzzing toolkit soon?

  • Mark Russinovich: Inside Windows 7 Redux

    Another great video!  Please keep them coming, especially if you can get Mark to give a tour of the performance lab.  I'd also love to see a more detailed discussion of the future of the Windows integrity control system: Is this a taste of a future full-blown mandatory access control system to compete with SELinux in secure environments?  What kinds of tools and Group Policy support will there be in the future for managing custom sets of integrity labels?  Thanks!        

  • Louis Lafreniere: Next Generation Buffer Overrun Protection with /GS++

    Great video!  At the end you mention that Windows 7 was built using /GS++ to some extent.  For the record, so to speak, can you say more about what percentage and/or types of binaries in Windows 7 and Server 2008-R2 were compiled with /GS++ please?  And how much would you attribute the improved performance of Win7 over Vista to the new compiler optimizations? 


    It would be good for Windows 7 if you could provide some definitive detail here, since security enhancements are one of the main reasons a company would choose to migrate from XP to 7 sooner rather than later, and things like /GS++ might be important to a CISO at a large organization who needs to justify his/her recommendation to upper management. 


    Thank You!