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  • Mitch Muenster - Being a dev with autism

    I think some of the best videos on Channel 9 are the ones where they feature Microsoft employees. 

    Mitch Muenster, How did you get introduced to programming? 

  • Ping 231: Nokia 215, Water from p**p, SmartBelt, Compute Stick, SlingTV

    I got the nine guy in the mail today. Thank you!

  • Ping 229 - Microsoft Band, Comet Landing, HBO Go, Lumia 535, Xbox One Year

    Today I got this Achievement: "Go Ape Shiv!" while playing Halo 2 from the Master Chief Collection. I was slicing threw an enraged Brute using an energy sword.

    I have to say that Halo the Master Chief Collection is a great game! Four games in one. It has been an excellent value for the money I have spent to buy it. Many many hours of superb game play. Destiny doesn't even come close to being half the game of what Halo is.

    Does any one want to be my friend on Xbox? I would like to try and play Halo co-op on xbox live if that is possible to do. Share your gamertag and ill friend you.:D


  • Ping 227 - Xbox Digital TV Tuner, November System Update, PhotoMath, Titanfall updates, and Sunset Overdrive!

    Does any one want to dispute why the games I have listed should not be looked forward to or think they have something better?(6)

  • Ping 227 - Xbox Digital TV Tuner, November System Update, PhotoMath, Titanfall updates, and Sunset Overdrive!

    Star Wars Battle Front: Just saw in the news that it is going to be a first person shooter. I am even more excited for this game now. What I have seen so far looks great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fewc0ddX0wE

     I hope they don't dumb it down and make a wii version. That is money and resources they can spend on making it even better for the Xbox1. Come to think of it, I hope they don't make a play station version ether. That is money and resources they can spend on making it better for the Xbox1.

    The only down side to this game is that it is still a year out from being released. 

  • Ping 227 - Xbox Digital TV Tuner, November System Update, PhotoMath, Titanfall updates, and Sunset Overdrive!

    Halo Master Chief collection: I have played all the way threw HaloCE, and Halo2. I am looking forward to playing 3, and 4. The clips of the game on IGN look great!

    Halo 5

    Mighty No 9. http://www.mightyno9.com/  I was a huge Mega man fan back in the day.

     I bought Destiny and played threw the "story" (if you can call it a story) campaign to level 20. With out Xbox live that is all I could do with the game. LAME! I have since sold it on Ebay. I should have listened to the reviews.

  • Krysta Svore on Quantum Computing

    Why not focus on running Qubit computers as simulations on standard binary computers? What are the draw backs or limits of Microsoft's Liquid?

    What moral questions will we have to ask our selves once we harness the ability to accurately model physical systems. What dilemmas will a quantum computer open doors to. Any draw back to having a quantum computer? Any one asking these questions or is it "full steam ahead!"?

    I'm still puzzled by how quantum entanglement works.:D

    Thanks for the interview. I would like more like it on this topic.

  • Leslie Lamport ACM 2014 A.M. Turing Award Winner

    I come here each day hoping for a response or some one ells to post. Each day I come closer to accepting that my posts will be lone comments on this subject. 

  • Ping 205: Remembering XP, Azure and the Internet of Things, Civilization Beyond Earth, Bing Personalized Cards, Avengers coming to Disney Infinity

    I have never been into any collectible card games. I know Pokemon used to be big along with magic the gathering. These games always seemed like a waist of time to me. I am a huge Blizzard fan (Star Craft, War Craft and Diablo are great games) so when I saw their new game Hearthstone I thought I would give it a try. It turns out to be a turn based card game. Yawnnn. It kept me occupied for about a half hour. Its basically adding and subtracting attack points and health points. The art looks nice but it takes more than art to make a great game. For all those who like those kind of card games you might as well try it out. Its free to down load.

    My next disappointment was a game called Star Wars Assault team on the ipad. It to turned out to be an add subtract game using cards and 3d elements. Your not missing much if you never play it.

    I am excited to see what Star Citizen can do. Its a space simulator that got its starting funds from kickstarter.  I watched a technical video about the game last night. It will be interesting to see how they build a game with the detail they have at the scale they are making it. It also looks beautiful.  

    Of course I am looking forward to some of the new Xbox one games being worked on. Halo and Destiny. 

  • Leslie Lamport ACM 2014 A.M. Turing Award Winner

    I want to say thanks for the interview. I understand Leslie Lamport thinks of solutions to problems in a non traditional way. A way that many others might not. I wonder how this has helped him in his life. How has it helped form personal views of the world? Does he look at all situations in life with a mathematical perspective? Relationships, decisions, politics? These might be to personal of questions to answer and I'll understand.

    I think its intriguing how smart minds think and interact with their surroundings. Take Albert Einstein for example. He is arguably one of the worlds most brilliant and imaginative minds. Yet even he was not perfect. He was not the perfect father and he divorced his first wife and had an interesting relationship with a cousin. So maybe he viewed personal relation ships like every one ells does or maybe he views them entirely different than every one ells. Turing is another fascinating mind who had an interesting life style and whom may have looked at the world a little different than many others. He ultimately committed suicide. The good all die to soon.  Richard Feynman, a brilliant man used to hang out at a strip club to study. Leads me to wonder what was going on in his mind when it came to ethics and the normality's of societies. Just makes me wonder how these people viewed the world. Please don't hate me for asking the question to some one who might think like these people who have worked their life around math and thinking out side the box. 

  • Ping 204: Build Recap, Channel 9 on Xbox One, Lumia 1520s on Delta, Lenovo 11e and Titanfall Updates

    The last console I owned was the original Xbox. I loved playing Halo and Halo2 on it. I'm contemplating getting an Xbox one. The new Halo under development, Star Wars battle field and Destiny all look intriguing. I like the look of titanfall but there is no campaign. It will take one of the other games I mentioned to tip the scales. 

  • Ping 204: Build Recap, Channel 9 on Xbox One, Lumia 1520s on Delta, Lenovo 11e and Titanfall Updates

    The devise/application I am most looking forward to in the future is the comprehensive theorem prover. There are a few questions I would like a proof for. First: Is Good an Evil a universal constant or are they constructs of human imagination. I imagine the machine that can answer this question would be one that can take human speech and turn it into mathematical logic. Second: Is there a God. I figure with a mathematical proof to this question the debate would end for many people and we could all get on in peace and harmony. I guess we would have to define what God is before asking the machine. Does our definition of God have a white flowing beard? Is God a man or woman. Or the definition could be as open as what created the universe? Is the universe intelligent? I can think of other questions to ask it but those would be my starters.

    I have asked these questions of both Bing and Google but both systems leave something wanting. Don't get me started on all the other methods for finding out these questions, they are just as helpful. That is why I look forward to having a comprehensive theorem prover. :)

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