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Niner since 2004

Jason Zander is the Corporate Vice President of the Visual Studio team in the Developer Division at Microsoft Corporation.  Jason's team responsibilities include the Visual Studio product line of Express, Professional, Premium, and Ultimate covering a range of technologies from programming languages, JavaScript runtime and tools, IDE and ecosystem, Office and SharePoint tooling, Cloud tooling, source control / work item tracking, and advanced architecture, developer, and testing tools.

As one of the original developers of the CLR, Jason's primary technical area of contributions include file formats, metadata, compilers, debugging/profiling, and integration of the system into key platforms including operating systems and databases.  Before joining the Visual Studio team, Jason was the General Manager for the .NET Framework team, and has worked on numerous products at Microsoft including the first several releases of the CLR and .NET Framework, Silverlight, SourceSafe, and ODBC.  Before joining Microsoft in 1992, Jason worked at IBM on Distributed SQL and SQL/400 at the Rochester lab.  Jason holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from MSU.  In his spare time, Jason enjoys playing with his three children and making furniture in his shop.