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Jason Kostempski

Jason Kostempski Jason_​Kostempski

Niner since 2010

Software developer currently loving on C#, Script#, Entity Framework, OData, jQuery and Android (thus begrudgingly learning to love Java and Eclipse).
  • Script#: Compiling C# to JavaScript using Visual Studio

    Great presentation, much more detail than I expected. Love the new features in the 0.7 update, those generics ought to reduce my code size quite a bit. Glad to see you've got some code up on github. I first found Script# last July and it was tough to convince anyone to embrace a closed source project that, at the time, seemed very lightly maintained. I think that building a community around Script# is absolutely the best thing to focus on and I'm excited to see where it will go in the near future.

    To anyone even remotely thinking about trying it, I must TESTIFY! Script# has been my primary framework for professional and personal projects for about 10 months now. While I love JavaScript as a language, the tools for authoring, refactoring and maintaining it just aren't good enough for large projects. Eliminating these pain points is the primary goal of Script# and, in my opinion, it does it very well.

    P.S. 54:00, what plugin lets you make that diagram? I must know!

  • This Week on C9: Random Musings of Jeff and Charles

    @Mr_Crash http://monodevelop.com/ 

  • Script#: Compiling C# to JavaScript using Visual Studio

    I love Script#. I have no doubt the project I'm currently wrapping up at work, a reporting tool with very heavy UI features, would have taken much longer, been much less impressive and far more complicated to maintain if it were done directly in JavaScript. I hope this presentation will get more people using Script# and create a stronger focus from Nikhil and MS on it's development.