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  • Help Desk - Pilot Episode (Now Available On Demand)

    6pm GMT next time?

  • Help Desk - Pilot Episode (Now Available On Demand)

    Got to agree, why was this hardcoded as PST, is C9 not aimed at a global audience?

  • Windows Live Messenger - What. How. Why.

    the kinda nice thing with skype though, if i want to chat with someone in antigua at 4am i can do a nice little search for that, on MSN i don't have that option, i have to know someone to be able to talk to them
  • Windows Live Messenger - What. How. Why.

    Watching/Listening to it now.

    Whats intresting so far is the amount of women on the team.  Are women more intrested in a "social networking" type program compared to "enterprise" type apps.

    if you're watching this thread and if you'd like to answer, and you're a woman, what made you want to goto the MSN Live Messenger Team compared to the WinFS team.
  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    Nicolas.NET wrote:
    I have noticed that there was more emphasis on the graphics and resolution of the device for the first half of the video.

    I watched a program on BBC World and they highlighted NVidia managed to make specifically for mobile devices, an entire 3D graphics processor (yes, the same as the full-sized ones for the desktop) as small as a thumbnail! On top of that, there is also a sound card in that little thing!

    Therefore, the graphics processing should not be a problem, and Photoshop can indeed run if NVidia has their way.

    ermm it's not to do with the GPU wether photoshop can run or not, it's down to the CPU and mem
  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    Microsoft need to do something like xbox.  if the patents we've seen from apple are going to turn into something it would seem a UMPC would be it.  If they do they're going to do it better than Microsoft's partners.

  • Otto Berkes - Origami's Architect gives first look at Ultramobile PCs

    blowdarts right. a standard needs to be set for something to be called an origami device.  Bluetooth should be in that standard.

    battery life does suck too, 2 hours isn't long enough, i want to be able to watch videos with it on my way to the USA.

    well as they always say, MS sucks at v1, wait for V3 and i think i shall be. 

    it's not really that special.

    did the C9 fail us? yes i think so.  They could of invited a few of us (and tbh i'd have to say any of those that are active on the forums (any forum) rather than those who are just registered) to check out origami at our perspective MS locations (redmond, reading/cambridge etc) surely that would have been possible.

    i want alot more for my $800 (lets face it $500 probably is just going to be low end machine when most if not all will be wanting a mid range)
  • Seventeen Minutes With Bill

    I was intrested about Bill's comment on education and software, tailoring it towards the kids needs.

    Now sure i'm not a mathmatician nor do i understand half the buttons on my calculator.  but with software we can tailor a childs education.  Does every child need to learn the same things?  sure it creates a sense of equality (edited out equalness), is a child in year 9 more better off than another child in year 9 where one knows trig and the other doesn't?

    With software we can develop situations where child A wants to learn about the construction business but child B wants to learn about accounting, now does child B need to know pythag and does child A need to know about market rates (don't pick on me for this, i think you all understand where i'm going).

    I know since i learnt pythag about hmm 5 years ago i haven't used it since then.  ok maybe in doing one of your "show us what you can program" exercises but i haven't ever used it since my math GCSE exam.

  • IE 7: What's new in Beta 2 Preview

    http://uk.msn.com/ isn't rendering properly
  • Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

    I was thinking about intergration and routes.

    My dads in chicago, he's staying i dunno at a ramada or something and he wants to goto one of the big malls out of town.  SO he has a Dell Axim and makes a route on MSN maps and saves it,  it then offers an RSS feed which he can subcribe too.  When he subscribes o it, he starts getting information about traffic conditions and other various things so that before he sets off on his adventure he knows that 4th and 8th street just had a glue lorry tip over and it's taking a long time to get cars moving past there, thus the map can offer a new route.

    scoble, basically bring a notepad to london meet (a big notepad and lots of Jones Cream Soda)

  • Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

    Well my g/f just got a new bike and when she is coming to mine from work theres this nasty roundabout in the way that no one really likes, however there is a route that can get her to mine without using the roundabout, but i assume if you put "town to my house" in whatever map thing it would take the route with the roundabout as that is probably the best route. So i'd alike the ability to draw my own routes without having to use what the computer thinks is the best/fastest route

    So basically i'd get a map of the area and be able to draw a red line along the oute that i want and then the map program would make my line nice and neat and scale the map appropiately so that it can fit on a peice of paper or maybe synch it to a PDA and GPS facility.
  • Virtual Earth: MSN's answer to Google Maps

    which one scoble?