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Jaz Jaz From the depths of Wales I come
  • Jeff Sandquist goes to twitter

    Jeff... take me with you!

  • iPhone 5s vs Lumia 1020

    One of my g/fs friends based at home in asia (malaysia) was telling us of another friend who had some fingers sliced off when thieves snatched her phone from her hand using a dagger.  yey.

  • Galaxy smartwatch

    @MarkDeFalco: You need to set yourself apart from everyone else.  Make it a stretch goal to bring the first curved screen to the market. 

  • Galaxy smartwatch

    I have a feeling smartwatches are what people want, but we're not there to make people want them enough.  They're way too much of a gimmick at the moment..  We need to get to a point where SMS and phonecalls and voicemail all sit in the "cloud".  So that watches don't need to be paired up with a phone; I normally sleep with my watch on (well when I have one), now there might be days when I leave my phone on the desk at home, or in a pair of jeans, if I can still have access to most my phone without needing it, via my watch then we're getting somewhere.


    Obviously the other big thing will be for monitoring health, if a watch can do everything a nike fuelband thing can do, monitor activity, heart rate, etc.  we might be cooking with some gas.

  • Microsoft buying Nokia ?

    @elmer:et @Bas: Yep ACER are a 2 bit company, i'm not sure why MS would want to partner with them.  If I were MS I would be trying to partner with ASUS and Samsung who have shown agan and again that they can produce quality products when they put their mind to it.


    I tend to think the Nokia deal is a good thing, though they're the only manufacturer for WP at the moment.  HTC haven't dropped anything new ina  while nor has Samsung, WP is a sideshow for these other manufacturers.  That said MS really, really, really need to do something about speeding up development on the WP platform.  No 1080p support (whether it's a gimmick or not) in the latter half of 2013? come on.  Don't let me read reviews of phones like the 1020, and then read that the camera software lags a bit, i don't want to be having that on a 2013 phone.

  • Samsung ATIV-Q: Quite Interesting

    Is anyone doing their main programming on these (well not these) high resolution 13" laptops?  I really wished Samsung had refreshed their 15" Series 9 (Ativ 9) line.

  • Wow! XBox One Reversal

    one extreme to the other.  instead of 24 hours couldn't they have gone for 72 hours?  or a weekly check? everyones ISP can go down for a few hours... and * hasn't anyone from Microsoft ever tried switching ISPs.. people were mad that after 24hours they would have a glorified TV viewing device

  • Niner @ build

    would love to be, but no one sends me to conferences in London.

  • E3 Smackdown

    I'm gonna argue that by keeping the price the same as it is now, it's a price decrease... We're getting theoretically better games than we have now for the price as what we have now...

  • E3 Smackdown

    If any of this: http://pastebin.com/uCmdh9jB is true, then I can see where Microsoft are going and I like the story.

    I'm quite likely to buy an XBONE since I spend a lot more time watching shows on my 360 than i do watching TV.  I want to see what the european story is, especially where I have a freesat tuner built into my TV rather than via an external box.