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Jazzynupe Jazzynupe 9 Guy from the beginning
  • XPS file format... As usualy...

    BlackTiger wrote:
    I've installed Office 2007 and PDF/XPS plug-in.

    So... XPS - half-done work, as usualy...


    Ok. I have Firefox as default browser. I have FW3.0 installed. I have XPSViewer.exe in WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\XPSViewer folder.
    Everything seems ok.

    But... XPSViewer.exe isn't actually an "exe"! When I'm trying to open freshly created xps by double-clicking on it it's opens in... Firefox! With "Save as" dialog!

    Ok. I'm trying to open using "Open With" menu option in XPSViewer. It opens in... FIREFOX! I'm trying to execute XPSViewer.exe alone - nothing has happened, it's not a normal application.

    Here is only one way to open XPS file - in... Internet Explorer! because XPSViewer actually is just a IE plug-in.

    So... Even bloody AdobeReader has COM-interface to embed pdfs into any application! Where is COM interface to view XPSes?!?!

    Well I see several problems why they had to stop at an ActiveX control for viewing. XPS is the default print format in Vista so XPS is always there.  But remember when office was going to create PDFs and XPS by default, remember all that? Well I see why a native viewer is not in the OS by default. FireFox does not support ActiveX so therefore until a plugin is written for it, you can't view it in Firefox. But anyone is able to use the specs to create one.

  • BraveSentry WTF!

    Yeah I would not recomend doing that. It could potentially crash some functions. I believe IE is used for some "pretty" rendering capabilities and functions. If you want to restrict web browsing you can set a system policy. That is the extreme way. But I always count on users finding a way to do something so I go with the previous suggestion of installing anti-spyware and make sure IE is at the IE 7 version.

    There are a lot of nice things in there that protect users just like SP2.

    So the rule of thumb is to install ALL patches (at least the ones that don't break any applications) and update the browser to the latest version & patch level. That way the risk is minimized..

    Windows defender is not bad at all. Also Spybot S&D is good too. When I get people that are infected, I always run those two first. Usually most things are gone after running those.

  • converting from .NET03 to .NET05

    Yeah this is part of the new C++/CLI standard. It will be an official ISO standard now so this is the way to do C++/CLI stuff.

    Here are some videos on C++/CLI.

    BTW, Since this is now a standard, it should be available in all C++ tools in the near future.

  • Vista Beta 2 with Virtual PC 2004SP1 -- Argh! -- can't install

    I use Daemon Tools... Very nice and it has plugins for the Explorer shell and through the media center (My Movies). Very sweet for DVD/CD emulation




  • Another newbie question about VS2005

    WHile it is not 100% complete in terms of Visual Studio Integration, MSBee can compile projects with 1.1 framework. You have to modify an existing project or create a new template, but it is possible.


  • Where did you start at Microsoft?

    leeappdalecom wrote:
    I would like to work at MS one day, what kind of person do they look for, is it someone with exceptional knowledge of the subject area and a passion for technology? Doe everyone require a college degree?

    I wouldnt try for a position yet because I want to earn lots of money contracting so I can pay off my debts, pay for my mortgage and the missus shopping trips but when im 28-30 ill probably start to look for a permanent position somewhere and id love to work for someone like MS and be at the cutting edge of the industry.

    There is no "One Path" to do it, I would just recomend to network, learn everything you can and know what you know but be smart enough to know that you don't know everything.

    As an example, I was interviewed for a SharePoint position, but when I interviewed in person, I was not asked a single question directly about SharePoint. I was asked about BizTalk and ASP.NET (they both were on my resume but I was not expecting to be asked about them).

    So it means finding your niche and Microsoft needing that niche filled. That's how it worked out for me I think. But I joined for the people... I love the people I worked with and the personalities in the group. Yeah the perks are great, but the people make it worth while. People who really do care about the customer/users.

  • Where did you start at Microsoft?

    I still have the CD from Encarta ( 94 or 95) and it still worked on Windows XP when my mom first got it...

    That's cool.. thanks for the hard work... I enjoyed it and used it for several reports... The only bad thing about Encarta was that after you got it for that year, it started getting out of date... Big Smile

    Very cool product though...

  • Where did you start at Microsoft?

    I am not showing as an employee here, but I started in the Premier Field Engineering team...

    I am a Solutions PFE which specialized in SharePoint... Recently I took a haiatus and now am going to be doing SharePoint again, but migrating more towards Workflow/BizTalk and development in the future I believe.

  • Graceful way to validate user login to SQL Server 2000 and 2005

    ADO.NET has pooling turned on by default... You have to disable this feature.

    SO in essence you have your connection being pooled so your old login is still there in a sense.

    Check on Connection Pooling on MSDN.

  • Windows Services in VS2005

    When you pick new project, click on the language (C# or VB) then expand the options and select Windows (all this on the new Project dialog). When you do that the option for a Windows service shows up.