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  • Joanna Mason - Senior Program Manager, Expression Blend

    Hi Raymond,

    Happy to hear your concerns regarding adoption of Microsoft technologies at Universities. We have a team here at Microsoft dedicated to helping students, faculty and universities in leveraging Microsoft technologies both directly in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom.

    Specific to Expression we worked with faculty to build out a semester long Introduction to Web Design course leveraging Expression Studio 2.  You can find these materials at Microsoft’s Faculty Connection Resource Center ( ). The curriculum for the Introduction to Web Design course is currently our #4 downloaded resource to our Faculty audience and is also being leveraged around the world in Secondary Schools to help in our efforts to grow the Beginner Developer Pipeline. Microsoft works with secondary faculty around the world through programs like the Innovative Teachers Network ( ) where K-12 educators push the boundaries of their curriculum to provide technology rich curriculum.

    Microsoft is dedicated to providing our development tools including the Expression Studio 2 product direct to students, faculty, and Academic institutions at no charge through our Academic programs DreamSpark ( , Faculty Connection (  , and MSDNAA ( ).

    Finally we run the world’s largest Student Technology Competition the Imagine Cup ( ) which contains the Design Invitational. Students from around the world compete in the creation of their Designs leveraging Expression products and win their way to the World Wide final which this year will be held in Cairo, Egypt.

    We are always looking for better ways to empower a technology rich education for all. Let us know if you have other ideas of how we might be able to do this further.