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  • Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12

    scobleizer wrote:
    staceyw wrote: Is any of Office 12 written in Managed code?  If so, how much?  TIA

    No. None. It's C++ still. I believe.

    That said, you should check out Sparkle (we'll have a video tomorrow) or Max. They are completely done in managed code.

    What the... My posts have been deleted?! Since when are posts deleted?
  • Julie Larson-Green - Diving into the new Office 12

    rjdohnert wrote:
    What are the system requirements going to be.  I have already guessed no Windows 2000 support but will this support ClearType fonts and such?

    It works just fine on "current" hardware, including tablets and such (which aren't known for being "beefy"). The software that will be handed out is NOT optimized for speed (or stability), though, so ignore anyone who complains about performance and crashing. It's simply not at that point.

    But, if you have a system with 256MB or RAM or better, and a better than 1.8GHz processor,  you should be fine.
  • Bill Gates - A short chat with Microsoft's Chief Software Architect

    I'm about halfway through. You were obviously nervous at the start Scoble. You handled yourself really well... I can't even imagine being in your shoes. I get about that shaky-voice nervous in front of 500 people or 1-1 with a reporter. You were with Bill Gates and did fantastic.

    Listening now Wink
  • David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns

    Orbit86 wrote:
    because mostly everyone has PDF and it looks more professional,cleaner than a word document

    More professional? Cleaner? ...

    I thought we were talking about school notes?

    Also, who said anything about Word?
  • David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns

    Btw, huge congrats to the interns in this video. Any company would be privileged to have them and they should be very, very proud of where they're at and where they're headed.

    If I can ever do anything to help any of them, they can always drop me a line. The world needs more kids like these.
  • David Smith (and others) - Meeting the Interns

    Orbit86 wrote:
    scobleizer wrote: Orbit86: I use OneNote quite a bit and we used it on our book too and it sure didn't suck for me. It'd be nice to see if you could post constructive criticism here. Translation: how did it suck?

    Because I thought I could use it to keep notes from class, organize hand outs etc etc but It's only usefull if you have a tablet pc...

    I have OpenOffice 2.0 Beta on my laptop (Office 2003 on my main pc) , If I had the time I would transfer my notes to openoffice and export it to PDF (openoffice has export to pdf feature) but I could always scan notebook pages but quality is still a issue.

    searchable text images like pdf and regular jpgs that have text in them would be cool or a new format like XSPF or whatever MS is called would be cool.. can you search text thats inside a image or document?

    Orbit, you can organize notes and handouts, but you still need to get it INTO your computer. If you have it in digital format, OneNote'll take anything into a Page.

    Export to PDF? Why would you export to PDF? And, if you CAN export to PDF, then you can bring it into OneNote, write on it, record audio, search all of it.

    Just wait for the next rev of OneNote as well. It's crazy. It really matures OneNote like 3 versions!
  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    TomasDeml wrote:
    I haven't seen the video yet, but is this RSS functionality supposed to be exposed through the managed code?

    Exposed through managed code?

    It's exposed through a documented set of API's. It shouldn't matter if it's managed or not.
  • Longhorn (heart) RSS

    Orbit86 wrote:
    you are complicating the process, their is always a way, noone thought you could run two programs at once.....the "gloving" theory just came to me a few minutes ago so I don't have all the answers right now, give me some time and I'll write something

    There always being a way and there always being a SECURE way are two very different things.

    You can't claim to ask a security problem, and then get all worked up when you're given a security answer.

    Here's the reality: IE will not only have the low-risk settings, it'll also be using the (oh god, I'm not even going to try and enter the acronym... suffice to say that all content that ISN'T from the machine gets effectively sandboxed using this API set, which was introduced in XP SP2), so not only will the browser be locked down, but ALL content that isn't from the machine'll be kept under lock and key as well.

    That answer your question (kinda sorta)?

    I'll need to go back and listen to the demo again (gnomedex one), because the second presenter actually covered this.
  • Blog your way to the PDC

    LarryOsterman wrote:
    Did I miss the part in the rules where it said that MS employees weren't elegible?

    It's in there.

    Question: if I occasionally do WFH's developing courseware (time management stuff), am I excluded from this?

    Hopefully not, as I just wrote a fantastic entry (if I do say so myself) Wink
  • Blog your way to the PDC

    Hmm, guess it's not Lora, since she deciced not to join y'all (or so she led me to believe).

    Forgive my other post in the announcements area, I didn't realize this included accomodation and airfare... Which definitely means I'm interested.

    I'm thinking of witty and useful things to say as we speak... Or at least trying to Wink
  • Euan Garden - Tour of SQL Server team (Part IV)

    pdrg wrote:
    with a 2500 disk array, how often do you have to swap drives out?  I heard have aprox 6%pa disk failure and wondered if you'd found that consistent?

    thx Smiley

    That's actually quite high for a system of this size. We have a 1000 disk array, and we see about 5 failures per year, less than 1%pa.

    I suspect that the Superdome system pushes their disk array a bit more than ours gets pushed though.

    edit: It's an HP array running a 12-node VMS cluster. Probably the same drives.
  • Euan Garden - Tour of SQL Server team (Part IV)

    Okay, that's the worst cable management I've seen in years...