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Jeremy Likness is a Cloud Developer Advocate for Azure at Microsoft. Jeremy has spent two decades building enterprise software with a focus on line of business web applications. He is the author of several highly acclaimed technical books including Designing Silverlight Business Applications and Programming the Windows Runtime by Example. He has given hundreds of technical presentations during his career. In his free time Jeremy likes to CrossFit, hike, and maintain a 100% plant-based diet.




  • Azure Functions: Less-Server and More Code

    @tartufella: that is a great point! I purposefully did not worry about concurrency in this case because it is my link shortener so I don't plan to be concurrent with myself, but absolutely something to think about in the bigger picture. However, concurrency is handled by the Table Storage in my understanding. When the NextId is loaded, there is a unique concurrency identifier in it (that's why we inherit from the TableEntity class) and this is sent back in the update operation. If the timestamp on the entity in storage has changed, it will throw an exception. So I don't believe you can actually end up with duplicate short URLs unless you explicitly disable the concurrency check. If you haven't already, great description in this doc: Managing Concurrency in Microsoft Azure Table Storage.