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  • Hanselminut​es on 9 - Inside

    Nice. I liked the thought as well (impromptu interview of random team).

  • Interview with Ice Cube

    Very nice. Thought the questions were great. As well as the answers!
  • Tyson Foods - the Next Media Company

    These are just my views not the views or opinions of my employer.

    The R&D I mentioned was for Product development etc. Our IS department outsourced for two years. There were Pro’s/Con’s to that decision. Currently for the last year and half we have down scaled the amount of outsourcing and are trying to do all our development in house with Salaried Team members. In my opinion our in house developers consistently delivered higher quality software than our outsourced counter parts.

    The biggest part of R&D in my opinion is Innovation as well as new product development but I honestly need to learn more about that side of the business. “The new infomercial” - I need to mention that to my boss’s. I like that, actually the vision I had when I first was given this idea was to utilize the new technology (Silverlight 2.0) to add a fun and ‘different’ way to get our product out to consumers.