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Jhaks Jhaks
  • 2 questions about games...

    I would pick PC over consoles any day but that's just my opinion.  There are negatives and positives to both.  It is cheaper to get a console but if you skip the console and spend the saved money on a PC then you can get a pretty nice PC.

    As for recommendations you seriously need to play the Half Life 2 series, Portal and if you are into multi-player team games Team Fortress 2.  I think they might have demos of HL2 and Portal.  The most amazing thing is that the entire HL2 series (three games), Portal and TF2 are together in the Orange Box and is priced the same as other single package games on the market.  I think Valve has the most innovative and creative games out there.  Also the Orange Box is available on the PC, 360 and PS3.

  • Is Vista a modern ME?

    First of all:

    ManipUni wrote:
    - User mode drivers (see Vista Audio Sucks 1,640,000 results)

    Using google results is not a very intelligent way of proving something.  Also, how are you getting that many results?

    ManipUni wrote:
    Hmm ... So which of these core technologies can you take forward? Most of them are welcome (except User Mode Drivers); but none of them offer you a new environment you can develop anything really neat on.

    There are so many more new or improved core technologies in Vista that you did not even mention.  From a technical and forward looking perspective they are very exciting.  If more developers really took hold of this stuff and used it I think we would see some very interesting things.  I do have to agree that the average nontechnical user may not see too many differences since these new technologies are platforms for building better software.

  • How long does it take for Explorer to open for you?

    Your conclusion that Vista is slowing you down based on millisecond differences in opening explorer is pretty far fetched.  You are talking about opening Explorer and milliseconds; not to mention you are doing this by intuition.  If you want to measure performance then use other benchmarks.

  • Dell's Linux pricing seems to be a bit of a head scratcher ...

    GoddersUK wrote:
    Well you can't really assemble a laptop from parts.

    Actaully, you can.  It's a fading market but it's still around.  Building one yourself would cost just a bit cheaper, but not by much.

  • SQL powered chocolate!


  • The iPhone Killer :)

    LOL great.

  • 'Previous Versions' - not in Home versions....

    Rossj wrote:
    AndyC wrote: 
    Rossj wrote: 
    Especially as it is apparently making the backups already, you just can't access them.

    System Restore uses the volume shadow copies, so you wouldn't want them turned off even without the Previous Versions functionality.

    System Restore reverts data files as well as system files?

    Volume shadow copy is used under the covers for both System Restore and Previous Versions.  However these features are separate from each other.  System restore only affects system files and previous versions is used to restore specific user files and folders.

    On Home versions you get System Restore but you don't get Pervious Versions.

  • Creating image file from harddisk... is there any way?

    As people above mentioned Ghost can image partitions and also restore images to partitions.  Vista can image the hard drive too.  Just to clear things up "image" is a generic term; it isn't a file format.  Images in VPC, ISOs, and images created by Ghost are all different.

  • Just another Vector Class

    I guess this doesn't apply since most people here are using C# and VB but my professor has a bunch of very usefull C++ classes for points, vectors and transformations in an affine space.  The point and vector classes implement an affine space.  It has all the standard vector stuff but also supports subtracting points to get vectors and also adding vectors to points to get new points.


  • Media Player: All It Needs...

    RoyalSchrubber wrote:
    Ambition wrote: All it needs now is a 'dock to top of screen' option...

    That's not all it needs. I would like WMP to have alarm clock playing capability with play lists...

    Anyone else uses computer for alarm clock? 
    Does anybody know a good program that would have play list option, not just single mp3s?

    Every song that I set as alarm, I start hating after few repeats. I mean somehow my brain just can't take it. I hate sounds that wake me up .
    I also stopped setting favourite songs as alarm, I don't want them hate... Anyway if I could set playlists maybe it would fix the problem. (or I would just start hating whole bands..)

    You can have a playlist as an alarm clock using the task scheduler.

    Just go to the scheduler through the start menu and create a simple task. Have it open an application but when you browse for the app, instead select the playlist you want. To make it random set WMP to shuffle.