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Jim Young Jim Young
  • IT bricking IE

    @figuerres: ^^ 100%.

  • Problem with XAML designer in Visual Studio 2015

    I had a similar problem with my C++ Windows 10 project. I resolved it by creating a simple C# Universal app and loading it's MainPage in the designer. This seems to provide some initialization to the designer. I was then able to load my C++ project and use the XAML designer. I hope this solution works for you. I contacted Microsoft about this issue and the said it was a known bug and will be fixed in a later release.

  • So how did the Win10 install go for you?

    , cbae wrote

    Has anybody NOT gotten notification about the upgrade? I have 5 Windows 8.1 machines and one Windows 10 insider preview machine. I've received notification on only one W8.1 machine.

    All but one of my computers at home are domain joined, so I only got notified for the one. I'm going to wait on it since it is my DAW and Steinberg has not certified Cubase 8 yet. One of my development laptops already has 10240 on it and tonight I will install RTM versions of VS2015 and the Windows 10 RTM SDK. The rest I will upgrade over the coming weeks.

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    , kettch wrote

    I just got a chance to log into MSDN to download it. There appears to be an x64 build now. The VS team has had very specific concerns about doing that in the past. Has anyone seen anything published that details what went into finally doing it?

    Maybe this will allow one to do XAML design when the project configuration is x64. It always bugged me that I had to revert back the x32 in order to use the XAML designer. I mostly do my XAML design in the code window but it is nice to see the results in the design view.

  • Visual Studio 2015 RTM on MSDN

    , cbae wrote

    It seems to install right on top of RC. I remember when RTM builds used to require uninstalling of RC builds.

    Not for me. It forced me to uninstall RC first.

  • Tips for the Microsoft Band?

    , spivonious wrote

    My only complaint is that the area around the screen scratches extremely easily. I've had mine for about 3 months and it looks like I've been rubbing it in sandpaper.

    When I bought mine at a Microsoft store they offered me a free screen protector, which has done a great job of protecting the display area.

  • Tips for the Microsoft Band?

    , Dr Herbie wrote

    Out of interest -- can the band track and store GPS positions without an accompanying phone?

    Yes it does. It tracks location, elevation and speed. Like all devices, having the GPS on burns through the battery life.

  • Tips for the Microsoft Band?

    I use mine for sleep monitoring, heart rate, calorie burn, step meter, tracking my bike rides, just about all the features. I really like that I can be notified about text messages and call when I'm away from my phone but within Bluetooth range. I also read the blurbs of news from Cortana.

  • XBox One To Play XBox 360 games.

    I'm pretty excited by this. I have a ton of 360 games and look forward to playing them on a single hardware platform.

  • Did your Surface screen crack?

    I recently dropped my Surface RT from chest height onto a stone floor. It landed on its corner and I thought for sure it was hopelessly damaged. Picking it up and inspecting it the only damage was a dent on corner of the magnesium case.