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  • Visual Studio Debugger Tips & Tricks

    I hear you.  I've wanted to build since V1 of the CLR.  We actually put a lot of effort into trying to build that feature for VS2010, but alas we couldn't come up with a good way to make it work.  Fundamentally, we are constrained by what the hardware will give us here (4 slots in the DR registers) to watch memory writes (and technically reads and executes).  Every time we tried to figure out "how would we provide an experience that people wouldn't find just weird", we came up short. 

    You can use a conditional breakpoint and use an expression with "has changed", but it is not nearly as performant as a databp, and it is not the same thing (the DRs fire no matter if you are writing the same value back).

    Anyway - hope you enjoyed the talk,