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  • What's new in the HTML UI Responsiveness Tool for Windows Store Apps

    @Steve Hall: I get the same message here, guess they haven't put the media online yet. Seems strange as all the other sessions are online

  • Neural Network and Genetic Algorithm? Bot World!

    Thank you Greg, this is a fantastic learning platform especially with the source code. Keep up the good work!

  • What's New for ALM in Visual Studio 2013 and Team Foundation Server 2013

    The link for the MP4 file is listed as http://seach9.blob.core.windows.net/sessions/teched/au/2013/DEV211.mp4 which goes to an error page.

    All other download links are normally on http://video.ch9.ms so I think the link is entered wrong

  • Getting Started with PowerShell 3.0: (01) Don't fear the shell

    Excellent content and very funny to watch.

    A fantastic introduction into PowerShell and so well presented, loving it!

  • What's New in .NET Development

    @John: You are right there certainly is a lot of focus towards that area but everything that runs server side is still going to need .NET (ASP.NET and MVC) unless you see node.js taking over there too. I get the feeling the HTML/JavaScript approach is to lower the expertise level the developer needs so it encourages others to code for MS platforms.

  • Defrag: Portable Office, Driver Bugchecks, C9 Win8 App

    @LarryLarsen: @Duncanma: Thanks guys that explains it and also really appreciate you making the original source available.

    However what is this using "Adobe Premier", come on guys "Microsoft Expression Encoder 4" FTW Angel

  • Defrag: Portable Office, Driver Bugchecks, C9 Win8 App

    Great show guys (as always). Here is a little question for you - why do the encoded video sizes differ so greatly on here. The Mid wmv is 90Mb but the High wmv is weighing in at over 1.5Gb. Now of course the mid is a much smaller frame size (512x288) and the high is usually a 1280x720 but they normally are around the 300-400Mb mark. This is not the first time I have seen such coding variations on Channel 9 but what better forum to ask than in Defrag's own comments. The answer of course is the way it was encoded but obviously someone is doing this and must see the massive size difference in certain cases. For most you need the High version to be able to see a lot of the text clearly enough, so it is not just cosmetic to want the larger size video. thanks for your time
  • Ping 173: IllumiShare, Worldwide Telescope, Play to Earn on Xbox, Developer Challenge to Down Under

    Thanks for another great show and in the nicest possible way can I say that Laura you looked extremely hot this week, so not only did you and Paul do a great show but props to the production crew for their great work again and especially the make-up team (well not so much on Paul's end)

    Harping back to the $100 incentive, at least Microsoft is trying to do something to encourage developers to the platform, anyone how has done iOS development will know it costs you $99 a year to even try your own app on your own hardware, plus you need to buy a Mac or "illegally" run OS-X on a virtual machine. So yeah sure it is a bit of bribery but really no developer is going to get rich off a $100 per app bonus but I see it as a very positive and proactive step in encouraging developers to take the first leap into the app store. Plus we do know that Apple likes to trot out it's fluff about how "we have a gazillion apps in the app store"

  • Say Sasa! (Think "Big collection of .Net extensions, functions, methods and such")

    @naasking: That would be fantastic. Trouble with most extensions is that most features never get used because you just never know what is available or have simple examples of how to use them. Thanks for making this available to us all and the time you devoted to it as well.

  • Ping 163: Xbox Countdown, Programming language popularity, 3D presentations, Eye controlled computer

    Thanks and you make some very valid and well researched comments.

    I guess it does depend a little on your prespective whether a new console is needed or just wanted because its new and faster. There are a lot of factors to consider aside from the hardware, and particularly when we are taking about a possible major.architecture change here with the xbox.

    One thing we can be sure of - we wont hear anything offical until its officaly as that would really slow the sales of current gen xbox 360s.

    , n0x30n wrote

    I follow a lot of game developers on twitter and a lot of them can't wait for the new consoles to come out. They are eager to learn something new.
    Programmers don't want to do the same stuff year after year after year. They are happy if they get a new toy to play around with. It's fun for them to fgure out how to get the best performance out of this new thing.


    Dont we all love to play with new stuff?

    The cold hard reality is that game dev is a business and business wants sales with the highest profit margin (or atleast to make a profit).

    Sure major gaming houses and game engine developers may be looking forward to a new console and no doubt if there is a new console coming they will already dev consoles to be working on, but the smaller indie players will be put further behind and certainly wont be the ones on twitter that are heralding the new dawn if they have already made a significant investment in the existing space. I think the only ones on there saying it is good will be the ones with badly performing software that are seeing a boost in hardware as the messiah that is going to lift some of the restrictions they have to work in at the moment.

    I still think +1 for a high speed interconnection on the xbox that is not USB to allow for external modules to be built unfortunately I dont see it happening.

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