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  • Learn how 10 was made

    Thanks for the response!  Of course Erik might not appreciate it.  Now im going to have to call him up and give him the third degree, this stuff just sounds so cool.

    Thanks again
  • Learn how 10 was made

    "What was the ASP virtual dir thing about again?  Can someone expand on that."

    Yes,Erik, Adam, Duncan...someone talk about this more!!!

    1.  What was it like to develop with this model?
       A. Is debuggin crazy? or Just like normal
       B.  What does it look like in the IDE?
       C.  Could this elegently solve the old issues of displaying images that are stroed in the DB?

    2.  How does this effect preformance?
       A. Lots 'oh hits to the DB on every page?
          1. Probly not, im sure there is some caching involved

    Better yet, lets get a video of a "Hello World" sample.

    Thanks guys, and great job