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  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility

    Dean, will you at least make a brief statement about SVG, Canvas, other HTML5 features, DOM Events, anything.  It seems a little bit smug to put down the "8%", which is probably larger.  And you know this number is skewed towards technologists and developers, 3G/4G mobile users and the like.  


    For me personally, I don't like having to use Flash, or non-standard Canvas implementations, or VML, or Silverlight.  You know very well that the market wants more interactive, fun content.  You also know that the web world is very fragmented in this area.  What do you say?



  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility



    Do you or your manager, or you manager's manager understand that by not addressing well-informed questions from members of the web-development community that this site has the opposite effect of its intent?  The community is *furious* with Microsoft for its disregard of current and near-term standards.  By only answering the softball questions here you create more and more anti-IE zealots.   Everyone on this board who you stonewall will blog and comment about how this site is yet another fake Microsoft community.  Totally controlled, all astroturf, all the time.


    Don't you understand people would be overjoyed if any good news *ever* came out of IE's standardization efforts.  You would be heroes.  No one would ever download Firefox, Chrome or Opera.  The IE that came with Windows would be good enough.  The development community doesn't hate IE for silly prejudicial reasons, we hate it because it makes our jobs harder.  If IE9 could get real about standards, the community would welcome it back with open arms.   


    A real conversation will unfortunately never happen.  I am mostly writing here to all the other web developers.   Aside from paid SEO types, nobody ever says anything good about what you do.  I guess I still have a 0.0000001% hope that somebody at Microsoft still cares about technology and will bring about some positive change. 



  • IE 9: Standards and ​Interoperab​ility

    Until Charles comments upon Canvas, SVG, DOM Events, HTML5, etc, this is just another Orwellian exercise.  So come on,  welcome some change, and tell us what's really going on?  


    I am counting down to being officially ignored, my comment deleted, our being given a polite non-answer.  What will it be?