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  • Humans of Microsoft: Edward Sproull

    Wow, that's one heck of a story.  I could see that becoming a movie some day.

  • ASP.NET Monsters #42: Goodbye to Gulp

    Maybe I'll share my $0.02.  Keep in mind that I haven't actively been doing any ASP.Net development, but I have been trying to keep up on all the news.  (For my day job, I do Python web development.  I'm on the back end team, but have to deal with front-end issues.

    In an ideal world, the build process would be as automated as possible.  I hit F5, it transpiles my TypeScript, minifies it, and bundles it without me having to mess with anything.  At work we've been using Grunt, and I have done a bit of reading about Gulp, and was looking forward to using it.  Given that it isn't part of the default project template does make it a lot less likely that I'll be looking into it.  I don't have a ton of time to do my hobby development, so the less I deviate from the default project template, the easier it is for me.

    In some regards, the current documentation is still pretty scant - I haven't seen a ton of examples of building an entire app from the ground up - back end models using entity framework, showing some basic queries, building controllers, and then making a nice front-end.  The reason I think we haven't seen a ton of tutorials like that is because things are still changing at such a rapid pace.  If someone wrote a tutorial last week using the basic/starter template, they'd now need to go back and update it.  I know that is kind of the nature of software development (constant change), but it is a bit frustrating to try to pick up the new things without some nice solid examples.

    More on grunt/gulp: In the end it really doesn't matter so much to me what the tool is - as long as it doesn't cost me a lot in terms of time to learn how to use it, and it is reasonably painless to use.  The end result should be the same - minified, uglified JavaScript.  As long as I know how to use it, and it does the job well enough, I'm fine with it.

  • The Maker Show: Episode 15 - Using Voltage Regulators to Power your Projects

    Excellent video!  I'm really hoping Bret will do more like this.  Maybe something on driving stepper motors from a Raspberry Pi?

  • ASP.NET Monsters #8: Tour of the Default ASP.NET MVC Project

    Any plans to do one or more videos covering Entity Framework?

  • Microsoft Campus Tours - Xbox

    It's videos like this that totally make me wish I worked for Microsoft (especially the home/entertainment group).  I can imagine it'd be a blast.