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  • C# 4.0 - Questions and reasons behind the answers

    Will Visual C++ status quote  be enough to overcome the appeal of the D programming language in 2010?or is C# going to be unleashed? 

    Why doesn't Visual Studio provide for two forms of compilation.  For example the exiting just in time and full compilation of the MSIL to  machine code.  I really see that C++ at this stage only serves for the purpose of maintaining legacy code.  The incarnation of C++ was a hack and will continue to grow as a hack.  .Net languages (in particular C#) for one should take full charge of future development in both desktop, web and yes system development. D programming language is already making an impression on  a small but growing  C++ community.  D programming languages has syntactic appeal of C# and the horse power of C/C++.  So what is the constraint,  religion or technical feasibility. DotNet languages will be competing against the up an coming D programming languages sooner or later for development of system software and embedded systems. Again I say C++ is dead weight and should only be relevant for legacy code (in other words C++ will soon be Cobol).  C# (all .net lingos) can easily take the manto if Visual Studio provided for this option and full support for "producing"  applications that are true  platform independent.