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  • MMA - Mixed Martial Arts is the brand new title from EA Sports

    Yeah, seems very odd. Doesn't fit well with the ordinary C9 content it probably fit better on

  • Quick UI with WPK in Windows PowerShell

    Hi James and the rest of the PS team.


    While PowerShell truly is a powerful shell, the power is countered by the low readability of the scripts IMO. I love PowerShell, I REALLY do, and I use it on a daily basis. However, I'm not particularly impressed by the claim that you can write anything (in any programming language) in fewer lines. Is it just me? I would have been much more impressed if the WPK made it possible to create input forms (not controls) much more easily than either method (WPK or old-school) allows me to at the moment. The data visualization scenarios are probably the ones that got the biggest improvement by the WPK.

  • The Notepad Bug - But Why?

    Nice post Laura, keep 'em coming! Smiley


    Also, do you know this poweruser tip for notepad?


    If you create a new text file, write ".LOG" in the first line and save it. Next time you open the file in notepad, it will append the time and date on the last line of the file. Try it out! Wink

  • This May Be Your Next Mouse

    @SoftwareBarista: That's true but so are my MS Wireless Laser Mouse 7000 i'm sitting with right now. From the looks of it, it might be possible to construct the Arty Mouse in such a way that it will work for both hands.


    One of the reasons I like the Arty Mouse over the other concepts is that it features tactile feedback for clicks. The lack of tactile feedback is one of the main reasons products like the laser projection keyboard never got to be a huge success. Now it might not be just as important for a mouse than for a keyboard but just don't underestimate the sensation a real *click* gives you.

    *Laser Projection Keyboard

    Sure, it looks kinda cool and futuristic, and it does actually work (on perfectly flat surfaces), but in reality it fails because you have to hover your hands 2cm over the keyboard and because you don't have any tactile feedback when you press a key, making it impossible to write anything without looking at the keyboard...

  • This May Be Your Next Mouse

    The Arty Mouse seems most realistic to me. All the other concepts lack the ability to rest your fingers on something. But it's hard to tell if this is a problem without testing each device for an leghty period of time. Please send me one of each and I'll tell you what I really think. Wink

  • Folder naming errors- But Why?

    Awesome... Keep 'em coming. Wink

  • Creating a modular application using Prism v2 - Screencast 4/4 : Decoupled ​Communicati​on

    Nice job guys... This is one of the most useful screencasts I've ever seen.

    I think it strikes a good balance between in-depth and background info while still being comprehensible and consumable. I wish the series would continue into some of the more advanced topics of prism and silverlight.
  • Expert to Expert: Erik Meijer and Jeffrey Snover - Inside PowerShell

    First of all, powershell is awesome, and I use it as much as possible, though the three letters "C", "M", & "D" tend to keep hanging around, mostly due to muscle memory.

    .Jeffrey talks about the next CTP (CTP3 I guess) in the video. When will we be able to download CTP3 for Vista? I can't wait to get my hands on it. Smiley
  • ADO.NET Data Services (VS08 Sp1 B1) - Silverlight Client

    Although I've not seen this screencast I'm having the same problem. Did you finad a solution yet?
  • Research: Contract Checking and Automated Test Generation with Pex

    Mike mentions that the current design by contract features are available for download under the research license. Where can I find that download?
  • What's New for JScript in IE8?

    Escamillo, I totally agree... Chrome still needs work in a lot of areas to become as verstile as IE or FF. However for everyday browsing I think it is already beating both. I'm lucky since I haven't had the problems with flash you describe but Silverlight isn't working at all . Wink

    You might be right that the Google brand is a big reason for the "hype". However, I think if any company is able to compete with Microsoft, it's Google. That is also why I have extremely high expectations for the final version of Chrome. So time will tell if Google is able to deliver. Smiley
  • What's New for JScript in IE8?

    Yeah, IE bites the dust on JS perf... Chrome's V8 script engine seems to be extremly efficient. However, it still have to stand the test of time and massive real-world usage. Also, we have yet to see any developer tools for the engine.

    However, since the Chrome beta was released it has been my favorite browser even though it's missing a lot of feature such as dev tools, add-ons and just about anything else. The main reason for me to switch (from IE8b2) is pure performance... The browser start extremely fast compared to IE and the browsing experience is also a lot faster. The secondary reason I think I switched (and why I will stay with Chrome) is standards compliance... I know this is where IE8 is trying to do better but beta 2 is still far behind both FF3 and Chrome in the Acid tests, especially Acid3. The official MS response to Acid3 compliance is that it isn't a goal for IE8. I just don't think this is good enough when you consider that IE has a 1-2 year release cycle.

    Chrome is shaping up to be a real competitor for IE... And when you take Safari, Chrome and FF together, they might just be the all-round team of alternative browsers that will bring about a small revolution on the web and bring IE down from its dominant position.

    Don't get me wrong I'm rooting for IE... I'm a .NET developer and a usually a MS fanatic. But this time Chrome is doing the browsing job so much better that I just can't ignore it, as I did with FF2 and FF3.