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  • Joe Stegman talks about the "​WPF/E" CTP

    great!  So what about the controls.  Why not support textbox and button?  I'm really scratching my head on that one so please tell me this is not a design decision.
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "​WPF/E" CTP

      Great video, tool, and overall vision!  Played with it yesterday a lot.  Seems to work in all the advertised environemnts but just curious on a number of things. 
    1) MMS:  WPFE does not seem to support that protocol at all.  I saw all the video sample you did but I guess this technology does not work for streaming.
    2) Controls: There appear to be no controls whatsoever in WPFE; meaning everything has to be done from scratch everytime.  I mean there isn't even a textbox!  What's up with that?  Will it change?  I mean it's great and all as far an animation but that puts this technology right down there with the first version of Flash!  Furthermore, there are a lot of us who love the web but HATE javascript.  Even though you did a great job of standardizing, I still want my c# especially if i need complex coding to get any work done.
    3) .NET integration:  is this a myth or will we see a lightwieght runtime incorporated into WPFE?  In the Mike Harsh video he used C# to change opacity if I remember correctly.  has this been abandoned or is it still in play.  Also, will this be a strictly windows technology (the CLR Integration aspect) or are you planning to package a runtime for MAC as well.
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "​WPF/E" CTP

    This is awesome but I have a quick question.  What exactly do I need to download in order to et this thing up and running in VS.NET.  I see that with the SDK there is some msi for adding templates to VS.NET but it does not seem to work.  I'm assuming this is because I have not installed something.
  • Joe Stegman talks about the "​WPF/E" CTP

  • PhotoSynth: What. How. Why.

    This is just about the most amazng thing I have ever seen!  Microsoft Earth is going to be SO much better than google earth