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  • S. Somasegar (Soma) and Scott Guthrie on Orcas Beta 2: What's in it?

    "Feature Complete".

    "Feature Set" must be the lowest common denominator both coders, analysts, and users share. Software design jargon:

    Test Driven Development, Feature Sets, (Goals), Tasks.

    Rocky Lhotka spoke about TDD and the Software Factories published by Patterns & Practices, saying that tests generated for factory-generated code were superfluous.

    No assertion like this could be made without first knowing the publishers themselves insure quality through TDD, imho.

    I would like to see more evangelism for TDD and the focus upon Feature Set and customer interactivity.

    We need guidance to model from your success.

  • ARCast.TV - Test Driven Development Primer with Peter Provost

    1. Ask "how do I know if this bit of code does the right thing?".
    2. Write the answers as questions.
    3. Code these questions as assertions of state and surrounding state in unit tests.

    Thanks for the primer, Peter and Ron.

  • LINQ's relationship to the new C#3 and VB9 features

    Clear and concise. I'd dearly love this for my archives.

    Please follow up with a download of this work, it lends itself to reuse.

  • Databinding In Expression Blend: Forget the Data and Do the Bind

    How can I put a Blend tag on this content?
  • Expression Blend: Animations and Visual Studio Integration

    Please add a Blend tag for this content.
  • ARCast.TV - Presenter First Pattern (Part 2)

    Ready for part 3... Smiley

    Nice interview and extremely valuable for me, links, etc.

    Well done, Ron.

  • Animating Raster Art for Silverlight with Expression Blend

    If you're a Chicken with regard to WPF, you'll certainly turn into a Dinosaur quickly enough.

    I never heard the "roar" in the loop, btw. 
  • Daniel Lehenbauer and Kurt Berglund: Interactive 2D controls on WPF 3D Surfaces

  • Jim Allchin: It's time - Windows Vista RTM

    "I believe in the transparency [of channel 9]".

    Jim Allchin is a wise man. I'm glad to be a 9er and I believe in transparency also -- I think it is something that will help change our culture's landscape in a myriad of ways, and it's on a logarithmic curve right now.

    I'm ready for Vista.
  • Jim Allchin: It's time - Windows Vista RTM

    Rory wrote:
    JohnAskew wrote: 
    littleguru wrote: Great news! Downloading right now.
    We have been waiting so long for this to happen...

    From Connect or where?

    Just guessing, but I think he was referring to the video

    Thanks, I'm too excited to think straight.
  • Jim Allchin: It's time - Windows Vista RTM

    littleguru wrote:
    Great news! Downloading right now.
    We have been waiting so long for this to happen...

    From Connect or where?
  • Five on Nine - Pilot Episode

    Oracle picked the most widely used Enterprise Linux distro with Redhat. That makes sense.

    1) Aliens don't exist, regardless of their introversion, the 'Prime Objective' & unexplained cow mutilations.

    2) Users will always demand OS choices. It is part of personal identity.

    3) Cloning & enslaving one's self is unethical; pace-maker? Adam is scarey. Pair programming with one's self... LOL.

    4) How to make money with internet video? Team up with content providers like Time-Warner, Sony, Viacom, etc., which is exactly what Google is doing after buying you-tube. It is inevitable this will make tons of money, and there will be commercials to foot the bill just like today.

    5) Implicit, evolved topic, DRM. It is essential and necessary. I was dismayed in 1994 to personally watch OS2 Warp become available in Irkutsk, Siberia, before it was available as a retail product in the USA or anywhere else. Sickening. DRM may help stop pirating intellectual and artistic property worldwide and that is very long overdue. I'm glad Vista will support is so well.

    Whoa, where did the echo come from 52 minutes in?? Cleared up at 53:58... eeeccchh.

    Brad, Jason, Adam, & Brett, thanks! 

    Rory, I suggest a single-purpose topic and interviewees who are motivated and prepared to discuss.

    My pick? Agile development and how to adopt it. Peter & Brad...

    ::Brad Wilson is an inspiration to me since seeing him write code at the SC-BAT workshop last March.

    ::I met Adam then, too, and he is very personable, but I never got to see him write code...

    Very cool video.  Smiley