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  • Manuel Clement - Sparkle CTP Released (er, Expression Interactive Designer)

    Hm, seems the code on this forum doesn't like Opera browsers too much... All my formatting was apparently lost.
  • Manuel Clement - Sparkle CTP Released (er, Expression Interactive Designer)

    Avalon has been exciting me for a long while now, but lately I've become a little bit worried about a few things regarding WPF and the workflow: 1) 3D performance - There seems to be some speed performance issues with 3D rendering. Is it going to get significantly better in the final release? Right now it seems to be outperformed even by old technology such as Shockwave3D when it comes to pushing polygons. 2) Graphic designer workflow - I really don't like that you have to *export* as XAML. That kinda goes against the whole workflow foundation concept IMO. I should be able to save my design, edit some things with an external editor, and just continue within the graphic designer. Exporting/importing each time is not a very nice solution. What's the plan here? 3) Interop with today's major graphic design file formats (PSD, SWF, AI etc). Why aren't there any converters to XAML? That really is key to winning over the design industry. And from what I can understand there aren't even any plans on releasing such tools. Also see my comments regarding this at: It'd be very interesting to hear your thoughts.