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  • Using a TPM virtual smart card

    "without needing additional hardware"

    Err, you switched out the smart card reader for a TPM chip.

    The TPM chip isn't included in all computer hardware so the TPM chip counts as additional hardware.

    I assume "TPM virtual smart card" will not work without a TPM chip.

    Good idea but yet another bad andshady implementation from microsoft.
    Makes me think microsoft have cut an under the table deal to promote tpm chips.

    This idea could work perfectly well without a tpm chip too and be as secure !

  • A Look Behind the Art of Touch Site

    Great more american favoritism...

    Not very nice to make an ad of a site, were you can win prizes, on a site like c9 that is a global international site. For devs all around the world. At least that's what it were in the beginning when c9 started. is really only for the american citizens. The rules say you can't compete if you're not an american. So it's not a global site.

    Aren't there legal rules against this sort of discrimination based on where you live ?

    Anyway in the future if you want to make an ad for a site, on channel9, make sure that site is for everyone.
    No, everyone doesn't mean all 50 states it means for the whole planet, stupid !

    Internet is global and everything on internet should be global or it shouldn't be on internet in the first place !

    This is hulu all over again Sad

    I wanted to compete too Sad

  • Signing in with a picture password

    What about password recovery ?
    Will this feature support it ?
    I assume it makes a copy of the image it use so you can move the image you chose to a different location without any problems.
    I assume this feature will support mouse too. 

    If for some reason the picture password doesn't work, the touch display stopped responding to touch for example, can you switch to type a normal character password instead with a keyboard ?

  • Signing in to Windows 8 with a Windows Live ID

    How do you deal with sync issues. For example changing settings while the network is down.
    Then you shutdown that pc. Login on another pc changing some the same settings but differently then logout and login on the other pc that now have internet access again.

    There are several sync issues with this kind of thing.

    What is the account is used on several pc's at once and all of them change the same settings but differently.

    I see a lots of nasty sync merge collisions coming from this.

    The live account service integration to windows itself is an issue. Monopoly. anti-competitive tactics, which is illegal in civilized countries.

    What if another company for example google wants to do the same and offer this functionality. Can they do it ?
    Can a user use gmail instead of live or is it locked in ?

    I think EU will have a thing or two to say about this again, will you ever learn ?
    Or are you like criminals that refuse to learn their lesson and continues to do bad things over and over again ?

  • Designing search for the Start screen

    Have microsoft abandoned the Windows key+search ?
    Will windows key+search get these upgrades too or are you yet again abandoning old still very much usable and still valid functionality to force people to use the new windows 8 start screen ?
    To justify you developing it in the first place and not get fired for wasting time on reinventing the wheel ? 

    The functionality you describe already exists in windows 7 by pressing windows key and start typing. 
    Widows key 
    1. calc 
    2.  folder
    3. files


  • Live tile ​notificatio​ns, Sept 10-14, 2011

    This video lacks context. Exactly what is this about and what is it for ?
    What is "Live Tiles" ? 

    Btw the video refuses to stream, i had to download the high quality wmv version to make it play.

  • Improving file management basics

    What about resume ? Both usb hard drive and network.
    For example somebody pulls out the usb harddrive/flash device without knowing about the file transfer or the network connection goes down: the other computer reboots, goes to sleep, etc. 

    Will i finally be able to resume the transfer from where i left of ?

    Currently if i transfer a big file ex 4 gigabytes and something happens. Then i have to restart the transfer of the entire file from the beginning losing what might have been 80% of the file and wasting precious time.

    Microsoft should have implemented this very requested feature several versions ago !

  • Delivering fast boot times in Windows 8

    What i want to know is if this boot speed is the same after a year of normal usage.
    With all the normal startup programs installed like firewall and anti-virus, backup solutions, etc.

    That's the problem with these sort of tests and demo's. They do not demo what will happen in real life.

    Is it yet another prototype specially design to demo this or is it an actual normal consumer computer available today  ?

    You really should stop using prototype hardware that will never see the light of day. It's false marketing. That is you are lying to your potential customers.

  • Improvements in Windows Explorer

    Have done any improvements to the windows explorer tree view ?
    I really liked how it behaved in windows xp and when i moved over to windows 7 i have missed the behavior of the tree view . It have severely affected the usability in a bad way for me. 

  • Accessing Data in ISO and VHD files

    What about other image formats ?

    Why did microsoft favor ISO ?

  • Hyper-V

    How will hyper-v affect the performance of the system when no vm is running ?

  • GoingNative Live at BUILD: Herb Sutter, Joanna Mason, Tony Goodhew

    I've heard Herb Sutter say many times now of the veriadic template story. What irks me is he said "a senior developer", that's one person.
    Microsoft with it's C++ renascence hype committed one developer to the whole C++ core language development.

    How can Microsoft say they are a big supporter of C++ if they only commit one developer to all the C++ core language features ?
    Did they only commit one dev to WinRT, i think not.

    That's a dead give-away of lying. It's a big hint that Microsoft is in fact not a big supporter of C++ and prioritize microsoft owned lock-in products like WinRT *cough* Lite C++/CLI *cough* higher then the C++ language its self. A standard !  Scared

    1. Please explain in detail, after a few weeks of development in which by that time you should have realized that this feature will take very long to implement, why you did not commit more devs to the development of C++ ?
    2. You could have put those other devs to work on implementing other core features of C++11, why didn't you ?
    3. What made the core feature variatic template the stopper of all the other core features ? Many other the core features not implemented doesn't have anything to do with variatic template feature, i can't see any real reason for variatic template to be a feature stopper.

    ~09:00 "Post vs11"
    Of course we will assume 2 - 4 years after vs11 release because you do not release new compiler features in a service pack. You have said so many time. So we assume vs12 which in dev time is estimated to be around 2 to 4 years after vs11 have been released.

    Mr Sutter, are you saying you are have changed that policy ? Will you now release new compiler features in service packs for visual studio ?

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