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Jorgie Jorgie Jorgie
  • Can't modify file in system root despite giving My acc/USER group Full access?

    The root of the system drive is a 'SYSTEM' area. Modifiying files in it require UAC elevation. Period.


    You need to put your file in a better place.

  • .NET: Setting A Form's Cursor

    I think you are looking for:

    Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor;

    And to reset it:

    Cursor.Current = Cursors.Default;


  • vista's event viewer - I don't like it

    I have to agree about the summary list not being resizeable! Same with the lists in the Reliability and Performance Monitor. Everything should be resizable!

    As for splitting up the logs, I consider that a feature and with the 'custom views' you can create a view that shows exactly what your want.

    As for clearing the logs, I don't mind at all. I leave them set to overwrite old events am done with it. You get the same functionality by just filtering by date as the output is the same as if you hand cleared the log at the date/time your specify for your filter.

  • Upgrade to Windows Server 2008 for developing?

    AFIK if you move to WS2008 but keep using Virtual Server you will not seem much change.

    If you move to HyperV you should see an improvement, but it may not be a simple move.


  • shutdown.exe - Foiled by a screensaver?

    Did you try the /f force option?

    Nevermind... the docs say that /f is assumed then you provide a timeout.

    I have not run into the problum you are having. Then again all my systems are set to to use the 'blank' screen saver as I just want the monitors to go into engery saver mode as soon as it kicks in.


  • IIS, SSL ​Certificate​s, and hostheaders

    Host headers cannot be used for SSL because the setup of the SSL connection takes place when only the requested IP address is available to IIS.

    The best you can do with a single IP address is set up a non-SSL website for the host header www.foo.com and have it redirect to https://foo.com

    This will work fine if people type www.foo.com in their browser as long as they dont type the HTTPS in front.

    BTW the option you want is: "A permanent redirection for this resource"


  • Cookie Question

    The header is actually sent as a text representation of the date and for the cookie to be valid, it must be in the form:


    Since the function you are using takes care of the conversion from a DateTime object to this text, I would hope it would to the conversion for you.

    I will be testing it as soon as I get VWD Express 2008 installed. Smiley

  • Whose Bright Idea Was This?

    The length should be decided by the topic. 15 Minute videos are fine. 90 Minute videos are fine. But no matter the length, please let me download it in one piece! Jorgie

  • why does MS force users to call support for unreleased updates?

    The formal request process...

    1. ...makes people think twice before applying patches that do not apply to thier problem. (You would be amazed at the number of people that will apply every patch they can get their hands on even if they don't need them.)
    2. ...opens up two way communication to allow MS to give you updated information on a hotfix and to allow you to report that the hotfix worked or if it caused any problems.
    3. ...provides realtime feedback on the number of people that really need a hotfix.

    In other words it helps them gather the information they need both to decide how big the problem is and how to fix it.

  • Expressions vs Adobe? pros/cons (MS Staff Welcome)

    I don't under stand the question.

    If you are making WPF UI, use Expression.

    If you are doing vector graphics for print/web use CS.

    What am I missing?