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Jorgie Jorgie Jorgie
  • The Registry. Why, exactly?

    I can think of two big ones off the top of my head:

    1. Speed - some portions of the registry may me accessed thousands of times a minute.

    2. Security - forcing access through a controled api allows ACLs to be use in ways that would be really messy to replicated in flat text files

    Just think of all they reasons why you would move from a flat text file to a 'real' database and chances are they will apply.

    At some point the sum of these advantages overcame the advantages (simplicity/human-readability) of ini/config files.

    BTW, no one if forcing the use of the registry for everything. There are still plenty uses for ini/config files.


  • Vista network ​configurati​on mess

    I think the public/privite thing was added to late to allow it to apply 'by network'.

    You don't need 'Public' to activate the firewall. The firewall works just fine on 'Private' networks. 'Public' just goes one step further and disables all exceptions.


  • Can OpenGL Keep Up With DirectX10?

    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Its a way to keep all commercial game developers targetting Windows and the Xbox 360 while making it much harder to port them onto other platforms and game consoles.

    People may see it that way, but back when Alex St. John (now at WildTangent) help create it, they designed it by asking developers what tools they needed and building from there.

    Back then, developers wanted 4 things:

    1. a supportable way to do graphics quickly without knowing anything about the specific video hardware in the system.
    2. Some way to use network services without being networking experts
    3. Some way to access joystks and other controllers without know what brand/model is going to be used.
    4. an easy way to produce the best quality sound the hardware can support with out knowing that much about the hardware.

    OpenGL has never tried to do anything but #1. That is at least one reason DirectX exists.


  • Unable to open XPS documents under Vista...

    Give me a break. It is nothing to do with XPS, it is a file-extension/type problem.

    Everyone better get ready to see XPS printers kick PostScript's butt in the mid to low end printer market. We just got a new network printer at work and they wanted $300 just for a downloadable PostScript engine for it. XPS will likely be a free update.

    ...and thank adobe for not letting MS include pdf creation.

    Even though the PDF spec is now free to use, Adobe threatend to sue MS if they included it in Office 2007 or Vista.

    Of course you can still download the Office piece.


  • Vista x64 on a pc?

    The big quesiton is WHY?

    There are few IF ANY reasons to run Vista64 on a laptop and tons of reasons NOT to!

    The only folks that will see any real benefit from a 64 bit OS at this early stage are those folks running servers that will actually use the extra bit-width in a meaningful way.

    You are really asking for lots of pain for no real gain.


  • How do I synchronize RSS feeds among computers?

    Easy, use bloglines or google reader... Smiley

  • ActiveX still a second-class citizen in WPF


    What are you smoking? ActiveX is just the latest name for OLE.

    So you really want the ability to use COM objects that paint their own GUI to go away?

    You have no idea what your talking about.

  • Stupidness of UAC in Vista...

    You actually should be able to do this, but only from another 'elevated' process.

    UAC is not there to prevent code from working, it is there to prevent non-trusted/non-elevated code from doing trusted/elevated things.

    If you can get this to work from non-elevated code, you found a security problem. If you can only do it from an elevated process, who cares.



  • Vista being ​"​helpful&quo​t; is killing me

    yea, bugs me too.. but I do have the choice of "Date Modified" and I always turn that on.


  • Vista performance / HD bottleneck?

    Sorry dude but your image doesnot not really show anything wrong.

    The harddrive graph is autoscaled and according to the image is only hitting 100KB/Sec. So all you are seeing there is lots of tiny updates.

    If it feels slow, something else if going on. A driver is waiting for a timeout or something.