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  • Samuel Druker - Can you give us a preview of what search will be like on Longhorn?

    This new technology isn't actually new, its just putting many existing components in a different place, where we didn't put them before.

    There are many tools that are capable of doing the same job, though they are called database server, web server and file server, acting together for a specialized purpose. This 'new' technology is putting the file system into a database (something others have done long ago, for e.g. 'change management').

    What this lacks is what more do I get. Currently it doesn't provide anything. Sure you can relate documents, but that I have been doing for a long time, callin it a well-organized (usually) directory structure. In some cases these are specialized tools that do the work for you, the file system will never be able to do.
    You can do a full-text search, it might only get a little faster and what does it really give me? Or is it the existing indexing service, but only integrated into the file system?

    The information provided here don't give me any information what is provides me...