Josh Joshua​Campbell

Niner since 2012

Name: Josh Campbell

Location: San Antonio, TX

College: Devry College of Engineering and Information Sciences

Career: Software Developer

Passion: Software Architecture


  • Get Real! Sketch, Prototype, and Capture Great Ideas with Expression Blend and SketchFlow

    Excellent presentation.

  • Sketch Flow: From Concept to Production

    A good intro to Sketch Flow. Unfortunately, even at high quality the video is too blurry to develop along with. Still very informative though. Thank you.

  • Channel 9 Content for Beginners


    I swear you deserve every cent of my college tuition. 90% of my programming ability came from you and my learnvisualstudio and TrainingSpot subscriptions. I see many others above me have stated the same, which only strengthens my opinion of the absolute useless nature of colleges. Really burns me up. 

    As a beginning developer, I, and others I'm sure, are in desperate need of a beginner series for: WPF & XAML, MVC & Razor, Design Patterns, and OO Analysis & Design + UML

    It's unfortunate that the college gets the $100k and you're left responsible for teaching us, but we're counting on you all the same. Will renew my account as soon as fresh material is posted. 


    Thanks again Bob.