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Juan Zamudio JuanZamudio Chaparrito
  • ALM Summit in Redmond (advice needed)

    Hi all, I'm going to the ALM Summit next week, any pointers where a geek can have some fun in Redmond?

    Also what kind of stuff sells the Microsoft Store inside the Campus?, I want to buy some t-shirts and if possible the infamous Cup<T> (as seen in E2E with Anders).



  • Sillmer is very good

    Every spam bot I have seen is very obvious, ridiculous even, but this Sillmer bot is very nice, he is in the right context, uses words from the current thread, and also makes sense (meaning that the post could be invisible among the posts of other forums where almost nobody makes sense or can't even spell).
    That got me thinking, what could happen to sites like Facebook where smart enough bots starts flooding spam or links to infected servers. That could get ugly.

    Que Moctezuma los proteja en su camino

  • wow.....


    I don't know if the problem is Vision or communication skills, but it surely feels Microsoft is like toddler who needs a new toy every 10 minutes, for me one example is .Net, I know its in there but .Net was the platform of choice (most of the time) and  now it's like the red-haired stepchild. I have Windows 8 in a PC but it is so frustrating that I don't feel the need to test the programming experience of Metro with XAML, I'm just using it to test VS2011, maybe the experience is great but somehow I doubt it.
    Another point is Azure, they moved Mark and The Gu to the cloud, is this the Microsoft style? Put all the chips in one thing hoping it take off?
    Maybe it's not Microsoft but the divisions, my Xbox is great and the experience is smooth, the Keyboards and mice are great.

  • Another Softie Leaving - Michael Swanson

    @Charles: Can you at least get an exit interview??, that would be great.

  • The problem with releasing developer previews to the public

    Using Windows 8 in a desktop with no touch enabled device is a pain.

    It really feels that Windows 8 is a tablet OS,a OS where you dont have to do anything but consume content, yesterday I added the machine to a domain and Metro was just in the way (you cant add the machine to the domain, add a domain account, or add a printer by unc path) and the experience was horrible, for example adding printer where there are 100+ printers in the domain with no way to filter by name and all the printers name start with "Model name" + "server name" + "printer name" which means you can only see the model and server name in the fixed size list.

    I have only used Windows 8 two days but I'm really hating the experience, I really hope this is a pre-pre-pre-pre-Alpha version because I don't see a reason for use this in a desktop.



  • Why not move all the Metro stuff to Windows Phone and be done with it? What is this mutant for?

    @Ray7:OK, lets assume the cost of Windows is 50 per machine, do you think that's the most expensive thing in a tablet?.

    And do you remember netbooks?, do you remember how they were cheaper because you did not had to pay the Microsoft tax?, do you remember how netbooks will be the rise of Linux?, but nothing happened, nobody care and people wanted Windows on their netbooks even if it cost more.

    The same is true with Apple, people pay premium just to satisfy a need not because the machine is worth it(they are nice machines but damn expensive).

    If Microsoft can create the need it will succeed.

  • Why not move all the Metro stuff to Windows Phone and be done with it? What is this mutant for?

    @fanbaby:Everybody is suing everybody for stupid things, sucks but that is how the system works.

  • Why not move all the Metro stuff to Windows Phone and be done with it? What is this mutant for?

     This is why the OEMs have been reluctant to push it over their Android models. I don't see this changing with Windows8 which will be the most expensive component installed on a tablet. What this will lead to is an immediate race to the bottom: manufacturers trying to compete by producing the cheapest machines they can. 


    Do you know how much cost Windows to OEMS, last i heard is practically nothing, in fact with all the patents problems it seems that Android is more expensive.

  • Win8, dumb question FAQs.

    Can i ask a dumb question about WinRT?

    If CLR and BCL are gone (from .Net to WinRT I believe ) and WinRT is just an API that you can use with C# or whatever language. What does that mean to the managed world?, the VM still exist?, what happened to the garbage collector? there is no more IL?


    PS: the keynotes are blocked at work and there isn't much info about this.

  • How's that cloud thing working out for you?

    I guess the cloud thing is just a fad, http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/07/google-docs-stumbles-goes-down/