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  • What's New In C# 6.0

    I love every one of these features.

    What a nice, simple upgrade to C#. All small but useful.

    I think the ?. operator is my favorite - this simple operator will actually decrease the number of null refs found in production code. String literals make for much simpler code, makes the intent pop. nameof is quite welcomed, too! And expression method bodies will make for more succinct classes.

    Nice work, Mads and team!

  • Writing your first Rx Application

    Very cool! Really shows the expressive, declarative nature of Rx. Big improvement over the way we normally do things.


    How about a video showing asynchronous programming via Rx? 

  • Rico Mariani: Inside Visual Studio Beta 2 - Performance and Reliability

    Rico rocks! I'm "super excited" to have him as the lead for VS. I am feeling good about where VS is headed with him at the helm.


    My beta 2 review so far:


    Stability sucks. I had VS2010 crash on me about 8 times last night within an hour of use. Almost always due to editing XAML in a designer window. I guess that's what betas are for.


    Performance is excellent. Feels faster than VS2008.


    Still trying to figure out historical debugging.


    If this the stability issues get ironed out, I'm thinking this will be one of the best VS releases.

  • STM.NET: Who. What. Why.

    I gave STM.NET a try the first week it was released. 


    The basic API usage is simple: for most problems, a simple "put this code inside Atomic.Do block" does the trick. Very cool.


    The support is great, too. I posted a complex, real-world problem we are facing at the company I work for, and asked how STM.NET could be applied. Several of the guys quickly responded with some excellent suggestions.


    So, what does the future hold for STM.NET? The main concern, I think, is the performance. A 5-7x perf hit over non-transaction code is hefty and daunting. But I suspect the team is already working on these perf issues.


    I'll be keeping a close eye on this project. 

  • Kim Hamilton and Wes Dyer: Inside .NET Rx and IObservable/IObserver in the BCL (VS 2010)

    Very cool.


    Wes really is a rockstar developer.

    Wes, please resume blogging, we miss you.

  • Bing: Test Drive Microsofts new search engine

    Here are some thoughts:

    I'd love to ditch Google. I've tried Yahoo, Live Search, Ask, and all of them fail for one reason: the search results aren't as good.

    All Bing's cool features are nothing if the search results aren't up to snuff.

    One other thought. Bing is kind of a funny name. When I was a little kid, bing was what we called our..ahhhm. Bing Is a Name for Genitals. Smiley

  • Vance Morrison: CLR Through the Years

    First few minutes of the video:

    "Most of the original CLR guys have left."

    "Where did they go?"

    "Most of them are working on Midori."

    Man, MS is really putting some valuable resources on Midori. I think Chris Brumme and Joe Duffy are now working on Midori (haven't said it explicitly, but you can read between the lines). And Midori is a rather secretive project; searching for it on MS Research just points to the old Singularity project. MS seems to have big plans for this.

  • Expert to Expert - Erik Meijer and Lars Bak: Inside V8 - A Javascript Virtual Machine

    Great video! That you guys can openly talk about a technology from a competitor completely from an engineering and technical perspective is one thing I really love about C9.

    Great work, Charles and Eric.
  • Don Box and Chris Anderson: Happy Birthday Channel 9!

    I love C9. Charles and team, you guys are great. Here's to another 5 years. :cheers:
  • Scott Guthrie: Inside Silverlight 3

    Great interview, both of you guys. I like the relaxed feel to the whole thing. Very informative as well. Great job, Charles and Gu. 

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