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  • A Linear Method for Non-Linear Work: Our Data Science Process

    Nice. And I guess Feature extraction, kernel exploitation and PCA analysis etc in the mix of Data Analysis.

  • Keynote Presentation

    Looking forward to Satya's "Developers, Developers, Developers " Dance

    But those were the days when Developers really felt valued by Microsoft. 


  • Apps and Data

    How about C# based game development with Monogame for Windows 8 &Windows Phone. I believe Dean Ellis is British, based in London, for Monogame development.

    I am aware that Microsoft now expects Indie Developers to 'go back' to C++ and DirectX programming, which is all at odds with our XNA DNA.

    Rob Miles from Hull, does some interesting Kinect and embedded stuff.

  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    , DeadX07 wrote

    I think that Metro UI for desktop and laptop is going to fail, and hard. It is a fad and that is all it ever will be.

    The Metro UI is focused for Tablets, Phones, TVs and Kiosks, not for desktops and Laptops you dope.  99% of Desktop and Laptop Windows 8 users are going to go strainght into the the Desktop  mode, (aka Windows 7)  not stay in Metro.  Surely that is pretty obvious.  Why do people seem to think that Microsoft is trying to impose Metro on the Desktop users ?

    Metro UI is really pleasant and innovatibe to use on Phones,  and providing we get quality Tablet devices, it looking very attractive consumer and Professional Tablet experience to compete with iOS.  What will be interesting is to see what subset of Office 15 will be useable on Tablets and Metro UI, and how these comapre and interoperate with the full Desktop Office versions.

  • Meet Windows 8

    Its just rather sad that WinRT  doesn't support XNA or Silverlight, so we cannot port our WP7 Apps.  Nor can we see  that we will reworking our LOB App to HTML5/ Javascript.

    We were really looking for a common Phone/Tablet  Platform like iOS  and ICS.  Windows 8 has missed the sweet point.


  • Windows 8 Consumer Preview Demo

    Looks interestinjg, but its not clear how I can really experience the full Metro experiencehe full to t, without any High Resolution Tablets out there.   Sort of stuck waiting for reasonable priced Tablet devices to catch up with the required high resolution for docked Apps. Trying it out on a Desktop seems a bit lame, and my Laptop does not have the required high resoluiton required for swiped Apps.

  • Don't be blue... the Blue Book gets a major mango update!

    Awesome  Monster !

    Hopefully the consumer will bypass the biased press phone reviews and sales staff and come to appreciate the beauty of WP7(Mango) phone experience, whilst we deliver great apps based upon Robs excellent guidance.

    More Cheese Grommit ? 


  • Hot Apps: Implode!, Stub Hub, Collapse, Falling Skies, Pro Football Weekly

    I would be nice to see some Indie Games featured, and not just publicity for the XBox Live titles, which get enough promotion as it is.

    Anyhow Imploed looks quite interesting, even though it is yet another 2D game.   I thought WP7 could do 3D Graphics like the IPhone ?

  • Windows Phone: how to build a game

    Good overview and introduction to XNA development on the WP7 phone.  Well presented.

    One day perhaps these vides will show how to get into the great 3D capability that XNA provides.

  • Silverlight TV Episode 2: Perspectives on Flash and Silverlight

    Absolutely, I can believe that the Flash platform may still have more capablities thaan SL at  present.  But if it is a pain to develop in, or conversly the C#/ Visual Studio is seen as beiung far more productive, then the $ for development will migrate towards SL.  Its no good saying that developers can pick up any language, in the real world we are under pressure to be productive, to deliver compelling Apps in tighetr timescales and $.   


     I can also believe that Flash/Flex developers are 'better programmers', and more 'aware' than the typical .NET programmer ( and that Linux experts are more capable than typical Microsoft platform experts etc).  But where does that get them ?  A scarce and expensive developer vs a common cheaper to train and more productive .NET developer. Its a no brainer, that is why C# and Visual Studio is critical to MS mainatining a strong developer base.  I for one cannot be ar$$ed to try an gets to grips to new languages and tools, life is too short.  Especially when the feature gap between Flash and SL is shrinking.  


    The only point I would concede upon is that MS (and MoonLight) have to improve upon multi platform support.   And yes, I can believe that Mac users, and Graphcis designers are probably not yet impressed by MS Expression Studio toolsets.   But then MS has left the door open for third party tools to spit out XAML designs.