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  • Hot Apps: Minesweeper, Cheezia, Interior Design, Talking Alien, Zombie Squish

    Good to see at least one 3D Indie Game,  in this list, as there are not many of us about. What we need is a WP7 Marketplace for Indie Games.  Many Indie Games are sinking without Trace as we have to compete with professional XBlox Live Games.  

    Any how I have submitted a 3D Tank Battle Game "Kommand and Klobber"  I think it is quite fun, as it is in a First person Battle Terrain of Valleys and stuff.  None of this boring 2D Tank stuff for me.   

  • Hot Apps: Gravity Guy, Pictures Lab, Fuse, Spin on it!, Bobble Biker

    I could do with a new Head

  • Prepare your apps for Windows 8 and beyond

    @John Constantine:  I seriously doubt your credentials if you really believe Android has a better unified UI  than Metro, and wish to remain in the desktop UI. Metro and the unified integration offered in WP7 with the fluid responsive experience is far superior to the legacy Peck and Poke iOS and Android environments.   Metro with Live Tiles with the option to implement across HTML5/ JS for reach, and can still develop in XAML/C# option for Windows.  Choice without compromise.  Apple and Google are not offering anything as bold as Microsoft with OSX  and Chrome for the desktops. Touch will be in the workplace desktops, not just consumer Tablets.