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  • Access web apps

    @Villadi1:No - Access Reports can only be run inside Access Desktop. However you could use any third party reporting or BI tool to report on AWA data (as long as it's 'unlocked') - for example Power BI.

  • CONS Track Day2 - Using Access and SharePoint for Travel Expenses and Pulling up Maps

    Some great comments here about the session - and all credit to Crystal for a great production!

    My experience building Access Web Apps for sale through the Sharepoint App Store has been pretty positive in almost all respects. Microsoft have produced an incredible tool here and let's hope that its capabilities improve even further in the future. I have been amazed at the things I have been able to achieve given that AWAs have 'only' a Macro Language. 

    Microsft themselves have effectively recognised the effectiveness of the technology by recognising our HR app (as shown in the video) in the 2015 Office App Awards. It was the winner in the Best Business Value category.

    i hope that this is just the beginning of a journey for Access Web Apps!