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    "and they didnt for sp1-sp2? Linux Companies don't know where they are heading, they want to beat MSFT but havent gained any have to open up terminal window , punch in commands just to install a simple app..come on that wont do for 95% of the users..OS X and Windows got it right, thats why the *nixs are only used by technical people...the interface of fedora is decent, no graphical enhancements. its just a bare bones would do in 1995 but not today"

    Talk about a load of rubbish.

    You have obviously not re-checked linux for a number of years.

    Novell themselves have moved to a pure SUSE desktop for all employees.

    Maybe not all aspects are covered, say like GAMES (which MS OSes are only good for).

    Lets get one thing straight. MS Dont care about their browser.. they never have.

    They care only about one thing. The Monopoly.  ie The market share..

    They caved in the IE dev group once they won the race against Netscape.. and they only won that by embedding IE into their OS so badly you couldn't remove it and every lame user who wanted a PC got Winblows with it and never thought to think outside the square to check up on other browsers.. which there in and of itself is a bad situation to be in.

    To top it off the only time the IE dev team was put back into action was when their market share was being threatend by 2 things. 1: Hackers, 2: Firefox.

    RSS Feeds being included in IE7.. Big fracken deal IMHO.. M$ are behind the 8 ball yet again and they're making out like they are the first to think of it.

    SORRY.. but DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE..  M$ Is all about marketing and HYPE and brainwashing people to think they're on to it.

    Anyone who thinks MS has been good for the industry is an idiot in my books.. complete and utter idiot. 

    M$ Called AMIGA a games PC... Why? because it had sound and graphics to a level that made games great but at it's core it did those well because hardware and software talked closely.

    Today we have M$ PCs all reverting to a AMIGA situation (well as close as one can get when you're multi threading and not multi tasking). They have GFX cards of emmense quality, they have SND cards of greatness.. and yet this is considered normal now.. but in the amiga days.. noooooo that was frowned on - you didnt need sound or high qual gfx to write a word document did you..

    What ever they can twist to their will MS will do so.  Including your meagre pathetic brains that wish to bow in subserivance and lack of lateral thinking or investigation on prior art to ideas. Nono.. its ok.. you keep thinking MS know their sh*t and believe it without question.

    As for development environments after sampling VB and its inability to make an executable without the requirements for DLLs - that put me off M$ development environments for life.  But thats ok.. the dumber you make the developer the easier it is to get developers.

    [lifetime rant ongoing - sick of MS lies upon lies upon lies.. 20 years of it makes you sick to death.. anyone ever heard about the story of the boy who cried wolf??? well M$ have cried it toooo many times so now I'm crying only for the death of M$]

    And kids... remember one thing.. MS OSes ARE ONLY GOOD FOR GAMEs (*cough* and being hacked *cough*)