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  • Behind The Maps - UltraCam

    why didn't you guys get a group team portrait shot taken with that beast of camera while you were standing in front of it? get it stored on the spare 500gb hdd they must have had lying around for you to take back home Big Smile 
  • This Week on C9: Fireworks, Powerset, Equipt, Pex, and cool downloads

    guys guys.. this is how you should have done roman candle stunt ... skip to 0:44 for the match

    liking that blueboss extension idea Smiley 
  • This Week on C9: Jeff Sandquist and Bill Gates stories

    lol Brian ..tbh I was struggling to think of something about Aniston other than looking pretty, that could compare with Jolie's humanitarian efforts and film career.. but seeing as you mentioned it...  has Jolie ever inspired a revolution of hairstyles for women .. nope, she hasn't lol Smiley
  • This Week on C9: Jeff Sandquist and Bill Gates stories

    look at half those pics of Jolie again Dan, .. if you ever had a relationship with Jolie she would eat you alive!! she's like a man eater! lol Big Smile ...  I don't think most guys having a relationship with Jolie would survive tbh...I'm not saying guys don't like that in a women or think they do Smiley I guess Brad Pitt fell for her and her very active lifestyle (but he ain't ever getting out of that relationship so easy) .. And i'm sure Jolie makes all the decisions ... a women you play by her rules and don't mess with.. a tough cookie.. unlike Aniston who is just nice Smiley
  • This Week on C9: Jeff Sandquist and Bill Gates stories

    I did say I was no Aniston fan...

    but if I had to choose between them.. which really depends what I would choosing for Smiley

    lets say it was on looks only...

    yup Aniston Tongue Out
  • This Week on C9: Jeff Sandquist and Bill Gates stories

    Jolie named Sexiest person eveeer.?!?!? lol thats it.. first thing I'm no Aniston fan.. so what on earth is so great about jolie?..she goes around the world picking up children from different countries?.. what about charity in her own country?!?   she isn't that good looking ...more like average or average with distanct facial features Smiley... i mean if I had sum up Jolie she is pretty average with a pretty dull personality from what i've seen..  and she looked nothing like Lara croft Tongue Out how on earth she got casted for that...and ever since the flop tomb raider movies I think she gets casted for way too many movies and voice overs.. can't dummywood find any other actresses to give a chance in her type of roles? I won't be bothering to see Wanted..  she gets to play the solo superwomen type characters way too often.. I think its gone to her head abit.

    oh btw if you haven't watched 'headcases'.. its politcal satire comedy sketch show in 3d, based on an old spitting image show.. not as good and a bit cheap 3d looking.. but anyway jolie and pitt do make some regular appearances in the sketches and I think it sums up jolie's character nicely :o

  • This Week on C9: Jeff Sandquist and Bill Gates stories

    good show guys... some pretty funny bits in it.  And BillG asking about Movie Maker? Big Smile heh

    well at least I think Bill is right in his support C9 and other community site stuff..  it does give Microsoft a softer side, and perhaps Bills stepping back from being at Microsoft fulltime will be better overal.

    Dan you haven't done any geek character voices in a while good to hear some more Smiley

    lol at the futurama characters as languages it really does make sense and fit, when you think about it and know the characters.  ..   c# as Zapp Brannigan and Javascript and PHP as Bender and Fry ... awesome 

    sigh and joy to hear about the Piclens copy codeproject.. those guys at Piclens just didn't seem to know what they had. Really hoped they would have taken that so much further, certainly got feedback Sad ... but seeing it at codeproject hopefully someone else can pick it up and really do something with the idea now.
  • This Week on C9: Live Mesh, Popfly, ​Microspotti​ng, Poker bots & more

    10 amp robots with terminator music.. lol  I would definitely wanna watch a video of that done.

    the 3d golf course with virtual earth3d looked interesting. tis a shame its not like a directly available sort of mini game where you can go around ve3d and find a golf course to try out Smiley 

    keep up with the weekly videos they are good to catch up on happenings.

    (in Comic Book Guy's voice)  "most unexpected comment ever!"...

    lol yeah
  • IE Team to Mozilla: ​Congratulat​ions!

    but does it taste like cake? Tongue Out and is it any good.. y'know some cakes are just much better tasting than others .. you just don't know if IE team has used the right amount of ingredients.. following recipe standards is still hard thing for the IE team Smiley

    And IE looks like a browser just like that cake looks like cake but when you use something like Maxthon that taste/experience of something of much better.. well you just don't go back, but I'm still looking for that Uber cake that just gets everything right.
    funnily enough Firefox3 is a bit like a cake with a good enough base but with no toppings or icing what a let down Tongue Out still if you got the time to faff about finding all those extras or making it yourself it ain't so bad far from great though.

  • Jane Kim: From Inventing To Implementing IE Features

    Well credits to her for coming up with webslices, Smiley  i'm just surprised she had to do so many presentation to get  those needed on board to get this featured added,  sounds a like a no brainer considering the rest of IE team seem to be in a sink of low creativity and doing anything right, this should have been lapped up.... its only thing in IE8 i've seen that shows any potential to be really good if they actually put more development time into improving it more.. Woudln't mind seeing more options for it, detachable, always ontop then you could chuck a streaming video into a webslice detach it and sling it off out of the browser frame while you carry on browsing, look C9 you could implement that for all your videos. Seeing IE still haven't added any interactive splitscreen/dualscreen feature in IE it would help. At the moment its very basic, kinda slow in resizing and you have very limited control of it not to mention poor customizing but thats seems to be expecting from every version of IE.

    So if thats IE8 most interesting feature what have the rest of the team being doing before I start ripping into all the other poor end users areas of IE!
  • Bill Gates TechEd Keynote

    "you just forgot to thank Bill for the interview.. and thanked "everyone" instead.. Smiley "

    hehe yeah but I wouldn't be bothered about it, I'm sure bill got thanked for the 10mins of his time off camera.. such a busy guy an all lol .. was pretty relaxed interview.. and  I just sat through and watched all that, I deserve a thanks too.. and besides he's talking about stuff most of us already know anyway, well I wasn't enlightened about anything bill had to say..

    but I liked the way bill was about to laugh at javascript.. 2:03 lol ... common javascript, that's not funny Bill Big Smile

    and he at least he kept it sensible on the future predictions regarding input devices and the mention of gestures which is what I want to see better of use of...but its always general talk you never really get to hear exactly how bill looks at how he see's the the little but important features and implementation of things working within Microsofts various products...  because that's the stuff that makes me wonder how they end up screwing things up so much and going through many releases before overal things are finally done right.

    anyway good enough interview Dan Smiley