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Kevin Remde

Kevin Remde KRemde Kevin Remde is Full of I.T.

Niner since 2012

Kevin is an IT Pro focused Sr. Technical Evangelist for Microsoft

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  • Tech Futures: How can we achieve more?
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  • Tech Futures: How can we achieve more?

    @Sara Jones: Very well said!
    Yeah.. the optimistic side of me believes that technology will continue to make our lives easier, but often it's the things that were supposed to make our time more efficient that end up filling up our time. 

    The book I am reading that I was referencing, in case you're interested, is "Geek Heresy: Rescuing Social Change from the Cult of Technology"

    It's a really interesting, thoughtful discussion, basically about how technology alone isn't going to solve the world's problems.                                                                                                                                                                   

    Oh.. and the reference to 3D Pizza was actually an inside joke.  In our chatting prior to the recording, Joe Breslin mentioned his desire to have 3D printed food.. like a panel that spits out 3D printed Pizzas.   So we ran with it. :)

  • Tech Futures: How can we achieve more?

    @Jackie:Well.. I'm only almost-53, and back when I was your age... blah blah blah. :) 
    Completely agree. And not only are the technologies advancing in amazing ways, but the rate at which they advance seems to be speeding up.  We live in exciting times (which I've also been saying since I chose to move from Music to Computers in my early 20s) and it's a great time to be working with anything having to do with computers and cloud computing. 

  • Windows Server Work Folders overview – my corporate data on all my devices

    @MikeBrannigan: It's not really that uncommon, and I think it's understandable.  Microsoft can't put details about some sessions here if the product or feature hasn't yet been announced publically.  Most of the "mystery" sessions contain topics that were only announced for the first time today (Day 1 of the conference).

  • Special Surface Offer for TechEd Attendees via Microsoft Retail Store

    Wow!  That's an amazing price.  Are Microsoft employee attendees eligible to take advantage of this?  (please say yes!)

  • Case of the Unexplained 2013: Windows Troubleshooting with Mark Russinovich

    @Scott_Ladewig:Definitely.  Expect to be shoulder-to-shoulder in there, too.  This is the best session at TechEd. Smiley