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  • The Future of C++

    You couldn't have said better! C9 should have a question rating capability! (y)
    I'm a C++ developer with 3 years of VC++ compiler use! In this small time, I  have come to the same conclusions, just by looking at, for instance, the C++11 conformance on VC++!
    The fact that Microsoft is a company that sells the compiler, exposes even more the problem with the delay in shipping a feature like C++11, and how much Microsoft cares about the C++!
    But I understand! The big guys on the company probably say things like these:
    "Forget about native C++! It's Herb business ( meaning, the Standards Committee )! Let's focus on Xbox, C# .Net and Windows 8!"
    Herb is doing an amazing job in the WG21, which is awesome, and it is what brings us to an inevitable question: What would be of native C++ on VC++ compiler if he wasn't at Microsoft? :O
    Makes me sad think about all of this!

  • The Future of C++

    Just waiting!!
    Rock our world, Herb! Big Smile

  • Announcing Visual Studio Achievements For Windows 8 App Development

    This is so cool! A fun way to make developers explore VS enjoy what it offers!!