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Karim Karim Trapped in a world he never made!
  • Bill Hill - There is only one space after a period

    Time for a new poll, I wonder?

    Two spacer here.

    Then again, I still refer to the Enter key as "Carriage Return," I believe lines should terminate at 80 characters as God and Herman Hollerith intended, and I expect Ctrl-G to physically ring a metal bell.

  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    Graham wrote:

    Well just to keep it short could not audio/video become the new text of humanity.  I mean we have moved from picture grams to alphabets to grammar structure,  So why not the next step.  Flash yellow, flash blue blue, High tone, Flash red, low tone, kaleidoscope of billions of pictures, there you go the entire world history beamed into your head.  


    At first I was like "What drugs are you on and can I have some please" LOL  But I think I see what you're getting at....

    Let's assume that the compositing and communications problems go away -- everyone can easily create any video they imagine and easily get it to anyone.

    You could easily communicate certain concrete ideas (such as, "She sells sea shells by the sea shore"), but you run into difficulty communicating abstract ideas (such as "She sold sea shells last Tuesday by the sea shore of Tampa Bay, Florida, when she suddenly experienced a feeling of overwhelming ennui.")

    You could obviously add a caption to the video ("Dateline: Last Tuesday, Tampa Bay, Florida") and even a thought balloon above her head ("Sigh....") but that's resorting to text, isn't it?

    You could come up with a vocabulary of images and sounds to represent abstractions like "last Tuesday" and "ennui," but all you've done is increase the amount of bandwidth required to communicate those ideas.

    Basically, it seems that if you don't use a common vocabulary, your audiovisual "language" becomes completely subjective and hard to understand -- like staring at a piece of modern art and asking yourself, "What does it mean?  What is the artist trying to say?"

    On the other hand, if you do use a common vocabulary, all you've really done is re-invent the pictogram (such as Mandarin or Bliss symbols).

    Interesting thoughts though!

  • Bill Hill: Homo sapiens 1.0 - The world's most important operating system

    [quote user="planetp"]
    Smiley  Eric, I think you should re-consider.  With genetic engineering, and then nanotechnology humanity will never be the same.  We are already transitioning into Humanity 1.2 or perhaps 1.3 with all the prosthetics, memory drugs, lasix surgery, etc.

    Sure, in a relatively short period of time, we may see technological breakthroughs in human lifespan, healthcare, quality of life.  You might have new knee joints grown in a vat, or have nanobots scrubbing your arteries until they're minty fresh.  It's possible everyone will have better than 20/20 vision via adaptive optics, and live as long as Methuselah by taking drugs that repair frayed telomeres.

    But will this really constitute an upgrade of humanity?

    Won't people still lie?  Or steal?  Or kill?  Won't they still be greedy?  Or racist?  Or just plain stupid?  Unfortunately, H. sapiens seems to be hardwired for all those things.  Until that changes, I think all the technological improvements amount to a coat of fresh paint on a '74 Pinto -- hardly even a minor version upgrade.