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  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    @Kazi: Hey, Kazik! My current name was translated to German from my original Polish name Kazimierz and my nick name is Kazik Smiley Great to know that I have a twin out there. Seems like we share skills too. Regarding my previous thoughts: I take those all back; I've switched to panic mode. From what I've read elsewhere the remarks of bystander here seem to be important: policital war between the Windows devision and the Dev devision. It seems the Dev's have lost and stupidity has won once again; with deeper consequences than I originally imagined. I'm really worried now. I should have gone to Google when I had the chance.

    Best regards,

    Kasimier Buchcik

  • A Quick Look At "Windows 8"

    , Kazi wrote

    Html5/JS as a development tool for new generation Win8 applications is the worst news in my career, despite backward compatibility. The message sounds like my .net knowledge will be obsolete in near future. If I have to invest a lot more in Htm5/JS, why should I choose Windows?

    Since your name is similar to mine and your avatar does look exactly like me (and I find this hilarious), I'll would like to cheer you up: look, .NET will not go away in your lifetime. If its presence will ever be deminished by HTML5/JS then this will be in the area of the UI. I started with Turbo Pascal's UI then moved on to Delphi's UI, then HTML, then C, well with no UI, then C# and WinForms on Mobile Devices, then WPF, then Silverlight; and currently I'm refactoring an app with a WinForms Fat Client which has an ASP.NET portal. Actually I'm not afraid of moving to HTML5/JS for building the UI if the most of my application logic will still be C# or a similar modern language. And it will be. People are just too convenient to switch back to a mediocre language - for good reasons. People also hang on to libraries and frameworks they know. Regarding the UI story: Maybe MS will evolve JS into the most beautiful language ever. But maybe not and they will be wise enough to let their browser understand MSIL, in which case everything would fit nicely.

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    Kasimier Buchcik