Katie Stone Perez

Katie Stone Perez KatieStone​Perez Katie Stone Perez


Niner since 2015

Katie Stone Perez is the Sr. Program Manager for ID@Xbox. Katie oversees the day to day operations of the ID@Xbox program and loves enabling independent developers to bring their content to Xbox One and Windows 10 platforms. Katie is a 14 year Microsoft Xbox veteran known for her work establishing new products and businesses. Katie has contributed to the incubation and development of Kinect, Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Avatars, Community Meld and HoloLens products. Katie is a passionate advocate for creating broad appeal and accessible experiences and loves bringing new programs to life. Her undergraduate focus on psychology has guided her to focus on the player's experience as well as how to build successful teams. In addition to helping create the Xbox Live Arcade platform and development pipeline, Katie also produced over 70 titles across the Xbox and Xbox 360 Arcade services. Katie joined Microsoft in 2001, where she worked as a software test engineer before becoming a producer and program manager. In her free time Katie enjoys traveling and spending time with her family. Katie is also a very active volunteer both in her local community and in Tanzania where she is working to increase access to education and technology for children.