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  • Calling the TerraService Web Service - Day 4 - Part 7

    and myWatcher.Start();

  • Calling the TerraService Web Service - Day 4 - Part 7

    I got it to work. I needed to have

    myWatcher = new GeoCoordinateWatcher(GeoPositionAccuracy.High); 
    myWatcher.MovementThreshold = 20; 

  • Calling the TerraService Web Service - Day 4 - Part 7

    I always get stuck on this. I always get those errors, and the one time that I didn't, I was unable to properly get my location.

    I live in London Canada, and when I got to msrmaps.com, only the states are green. Does this mean that the terra service will not be able to tell me where I am in Canada? If not, is there another service that will work in Canada?

  • GPS, Location API and Calling Web Services - Day 3 - Part 10

    @spier: Don't know how I missed yours, but that worked.   But now my latitude and longitude are not changing Perplexed help? 

    private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
                GeoCoordinateWatcher myWatcher = new GeoCoordinateWatcher();
                GeoCoordinate myPosition = myWatcher.Position.Location;
                double latitude = 0.0;
                double longitude = 0.0;
                if (!myPosition.IsUnknown)
                    latitude = myPosition.Latitude;
                    longitude = myPosition.Longitude;
                textBlock2.Text = latitude + ":" + longitude;
                myTerraService.TerraServiceSoapClient client = new myTerraService.TerraServiceSoapClient();
                client.ConvertLonLatPtToNearestPlaceCompleted += new EventHandler<myTerraService.ConvertLonLatPtToNearestPlaceCompletedEventArgs>(client_ConvertLonLatPtToNearestPlaceCompleted);
                client.ConvertLonLatPtToNearestPlaceAsync(new myTerraService.LonLatPt { Lat = latitude, Lon = longitude });
            void client_ConvertLonLatPtToNearestPlaceCompleted(object sender, myTerraService.ConvertLonLatPtToNearestPlaceCompletedEventArgs e)
                textBlock1.Text = e.Result;
                // throw new NotImplementedException();