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  • Using Bing Platform Controls to Build Great Windows Apps

    Hey guys, looking forward to the speech to text control.  By Windows 8.1 GA you mean when finished version of 8.1 is complete right?

  • Defrag Tools: #35 - CLR GC - Part 3

    Fantastic series on GC.  Practical memory leak advice, and an inside look into how the GC works. 

    I have a request though:  Is it possible to do another show (or point me to a blog article) that highlights pinning in a WinRT application a little more.  I've found that gcroot'ing memory leaks in WinRT does not necessarily give you as accurate a picture of what's keeping your objects in scope.   Sometimes the objects are pinned by large static object arrays, or sometimes they're just shown as pinned directly.  After some further code analysis it will reveal that the objects are in fact in scope due to application code, sometimes for  example from  async continuations.  An episode on unmasking root causes of memleaks in WinRT, and how it differs from .Net would be fantastic.