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  • SiteMonitR Sample

    Very useful video overview and a valuable project example.



  • Announcing BUILD 2012

    You've gotta know that every attendee expects to go home with a Surface.

    The big giveaway is such a routine part of these events that the geeks'll tear the place up if they don't get the surface by the second day. Smiley

  • Virtual Earth ASP.NET Control - CTP Release

    At the end of the video Angus warns, "We would urge you not to go into production using this piece of code" which is good advice when dealing with a CTP (and some would extend that advice to V1.0 of MS software <grin>).

    However, Angus' added statement that, "You get early access but the downside is, you can't go live" doesn't accurately reflect the EULA in the SDK.

    I'm not a lawyer, but the license seems to allow you to go live if you post enough warnings that this is pre-production stuff and should not be inhaled or used for life-support.

  • Amanda Silver on Visual Basic LINQ Syntax in Visual Studio 2008

    Nicely done! Amanda is a very good presenter. The video is well-paced and engaging.

    I really like the format that puts the VS2008 environment foremost and the people as picture-in-picture.