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  • Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures

    You are correct in your comments about my lack of enthusiasm in the video interview. I've been interviewed for Channel 9 about 4 times now, and I usually have lots of enthusiasm in front of the camera. Being new to going behind the camera, I was thinking of making sure the camera work was good (stable for the demos) and that I let the people on camera talk as much as possible and let things flow naturally. Upon reflection, I think I can do more to spice up future Channel 9 interviews I record, and also be more fun, humorous, and enthusiastic behind the camera. I have more Channel 9 interviews lined up to record, and this feedback here will help improve the 'entertainment' quality of future videos.
  • Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures

    Yes, that's me (Ken Levy, VS Data Product Manager) doing the interview and camera work for this Channel 9 interview. I'll be doing more, and any feedback on the interview, camera work, or topics to be covered in the future with the VB team is greatly welcome.