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Ken Levy Ken Levy
  • Paul Vick and Erik Meijer - Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic

    The goal of the interview was to educate people on what dynamic programming is and what the benefits are, for those who do not already know what it is - so the questions were asked in a way that someone might ask if they did not know or care about dynamic programming but should if they knew more about it. If someone has experience or knowledge of dynamic programming already, then they may be a little frustrated with the introduction level questions asked. I have noticed that most of the people here adding comments who have negative feedback do not include their email or blog in their profile and are posting anonymously. It would be useful for some people to post what questions they would have liked to have heard asked in the interview or what additional topics were covered for future related Channel 9 interviews.
  • Paul Vick and Erik Meijer - Dynamic Programming in Visual Basic

    Hi JChung2006. I was the interviewer (Ken Levy, VS Data Product Manager) and I have many years of experience with dynamic programming and know in depth what it is all about. But for the interview, the goal was to educate views on what dynamic programming is, what the benefits are, and why developers should care - all in the context of Visual Basic today and tomorrow. So yes, it was totally designed to be a 100/200 level video/interview/demo and not an advanced one. We can consider doing an advanced dynamic programming Ch9 interview in the future. Feel free to list what features (examples) you would like to see demos of, what questions you would like asked, etc.
  • Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures

    You are correct in your comments about my lack of enthusiasm in the video interview. I've been interviewed for Channel 9 about 4 times now, and I usually have lots of enthusiasm in front of the camera. Being new to going behind the camera, I was thinking of making sure the camera work was good (stable for the demos) and that I let the people on camera talk as much as possible and let things flow naturally. Upon reflection, I think I can do more to spice up future Channel 9 interviews I record, and also be more fun, humorous, and enthusiastic behind the camera. I have more Channel 9 interviews lined up to record, and this feedback here will help improve the 'entertainment' quality of future videos.
  • Paul Vick and Amanda Silver - VB Language Futures

    Yes, that's me (Ken Levy, VS Data Product Manager) doing the interview and camera work for this Channel 9 interview. I'll be doing more, and any feedback on the interview, camera work, or topics to be covered in the future with the VB team is greatly welcome.